Penthouse Werk 12 by Allmannwappner

Discover the perfect blend of style and function at Penthouse Werk 12, a two-story loft located in Munich, Germany.

Built in 2021 by Allmannwappner, this stunning property is nestled in the vibrant Werksviertel-Mitte district and features an industrial design that seamlessly combines public spaces with private living quarters.

The penthouse’s 620 square meter (6768 sq ft) interior offers a variety of uses, from its iconic chandelier-lit entrance foyer to the luxurious lounge area featuring panoramic windows that reveal a home gym and freestanding show kitchen. The mezzanine level takes full advantage of the space with its co-working space and cinema-style presentation room as well as its small lounge and music room boasting comfortable bedroom suites with en suite bathrooms.

But it doesn’t stop there – guests can also enjoy plenty of outdoor activities on the roof terrace surrounded by glass facades for uninterrupted views across downtown Munich! “AAHHH” and “OH” and “WOW” are written in large letters across the façade…come experience it for yourself!

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About Penthouse Werk 12

Welcome to John’s Penthouse: The 620 Square Meter (6,722.45 Square Feet) Loft in the Heart of Munich

Located on the fifth and sixth floor of the Werk 12 building designed by MVRDV, “John’s Penthouse” stands proud as an architectural rendering of networking. Combining public and private spaces within a refined structural shell with all installations on display, this two-story loft is ready for any purpose.

A Glamorous Welcome at the Entrance of Penthouse Werk 12

The spacious foyer welcomes guests with its iconic chandelier providing glamour both day and night. Through panoramic windows overlooking downtown Munich, guests can get a preview of what awaits them; a show kitchen standing alone on a pedestal provides both a work surface and bar counter while an acoustic wall featuring an integrated bookcase leads into the salon.

Relaxation & Contemplation in Luxurious Surroundings

The furnished lounge – spatially speaking, mirroring the show kitchen below – offers relaxation and quiet contemplation for visitors or residents alike. A separate studio space is set up as home gym complete with basketball hoop and wall bars while two staircases lead up to the mezzanine level where additional amenities are available such as co-working space, cinema-style presentation area, small lounge & music room plus bedroom with ensuite bathroom.

Modular Furniture & Raw Charm Intact

Flexible modular furniture allows guests to easily move pieces around depending on their needs while walls, floors and ceilings provide neutral background that keeps the raw charm of this sprawling property intact. With glass facades all around allowing direct access outside onto roof terraces from multiple points inside John’s Penthouse it becomes clear why they chose “AAHHH”, “OH” & “WOW” to adorn their façade!

Photography by Kim Fohmann

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- by Matt Watts