Wet Beast by Studioninedots

Wet Beast is a contemporary office space located in Amsterdam, Netherlands designed by Studioninedots in 2022.

This unique workplace concept provides a space for experimentation and spontaneity, while stimulating creativity and a sense of community. Through the use of three ‘pieces of furniture’ – the Beast, Jungle and Town Hall – Wet Beast encourages users to explore the social sphere of a working environment in the extraordinary setting of Amsterdam-West.

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About Wet Beast

Introducing Wet Beast – Stimulating Creativity and Community at Westbeat

At the ground level of Westbeat – Studioninedots’ mixed-use building in Amsterdam-West – a vibrant office landscape has been created. In 2021, Studioninedots unveiled Wet Beast – a workplace concept that introduces three mystical objects to facilitate experimentation, interaction and spontaneity within the social sphere of a working environment.

Recognisable by its concrete arch constructions in the plinth, Westbeat provides exciting spaces for a variety of users and purposes. Commissioned by Gerimedica, Studioninedots designed an office concept with three distinct spatial elements that connect people and encourage creativity.

As seemingly unfamiliar objects in a well-organised work landscape of tables and chairs, Wet Beast comprises of three ‘pieces of furniture’ that can be interpreted in an array of ways. From providing shelter and seating, to creating space for meetings, lectures, events, play, relaxation, and contemplation, Wet Beast facilitates it all. The design of the furniture pieces is fully detached from the architecture and the open interpretation in function is reflected in the diverse palette of colours, shapes and materials that make up the whole. The elements are created in such a way that they can be used temporarily or permanently and can continually evolve in function.

The Beast – An Escher-like Play World

The Beast is an Escher-like play world in which, in addition to meetings, anything can happen. Stairs, alternating fixed elements and passages invite free interpretation or use. Large glass walls ensure interaction between the sheltered core and the surrounding space.

Jungle – A Connecting Stairway

Jungle is the connecting stairway between the two levels. The steps also serve as a podium for a presentation or as a place to relax. The stairs take their name from the organic shapes and the integrated planting.

Town Hall – An Intimate Place

Town Hall is made with friendly timber seating elements and light curtains. The Town Hall is an intimate place that is half hidden behind the curtains, or a continuation of the open space.

Introducing Wet Beast – a concept that can be different for every observer – Studioninesdots have created a new workplace that inspires users, stimulates creativity and challenges them to a new way of working.

Photography by Maarten Willemstein

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- by Matt Watts