Curves and Colors House: A Modern Minneapolis Masterpiece

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, Bjella Architecture‘s “Curves and Colors House” is a vibrant contemporary retreat. Designed in 2024, this modern house stands as a bold refuge against the harsh winters, featuring warm tones, high-tech amenities, and innovative design elements that blend art and architecture seamlessly.

Striking curved façade with large windows and combination of materials, including stone.
Modern kitchen with curved bar, chrome appliances, and plush sofa seating.
A modern kitchen with a curved, illuminated ceiling, stainless steel appliances, and granite countertops.
A modern kitchen with sleek wood cabinetry, granite countertops, and recessed lighting.
Striking modern living room with stone fireplace, sleek wood paneling, and tasteful furnishings.
A modern, colorful architectural interior with geometric shapes, textured walls, and spiral stairs.
Striking spiral staircase with sleek metal railings and pendant lighting in modern interior.
Striking architectural design featuring a curved, red staircase and muted tones.
A modern, cozy bedroom with warm lighting, textured walls, and a sleek, low-profile bed.
Expansive bathroom with large window, sunken tub, and wood vanity with granite countertop.
Luxurious bathroom with large window overlooking lush greenery, elegant granite countertop, and decorative vase.

About Tim Curves and Colors House

In the heart of Minnesota, winters paint the landscape in hues of gray and white for months. A modern home rises, challenging the season’s monotony. This sculpture for living, designed by Bjella Architecture, stands like a muted yellow, tapered drum. It embraces both grace and boldness in its architectural design.

Colorful Refuge from Dreary Winters

Designed for an adventurous extended family, this high-tech residence counters Minnesota’s cold, desolate winters. Warm reds, oranges, and yellows fill the interior with stone and tile, rich wood wall panels, and exotic wood cabinets.

A Dramatic Entrance and Living Space

Step through the entrance to glimpse a grand, sweeping staircase through a slot in a tapered privacy wall. The staircase fully materializes in the living room, with the privacy wall serving as an elegant backdrop. It rises seamlessly, transforming into a curved bridge above the living and dining rooms. This bridge leads to a library and culminates in a two-story fireplace clad in textured metal panels. It serves as both a functional passageway and a visual separator, adding drama and depth.

Private and Connected Bedrooms

On the same level, secondary bedroom suites offer privacy while connecting to the central public areas. At the highest level, a circular glass sky room designed for meditation and fitness offers panoramic views. The changing hues of the sky and landscape provide a dynamic backdrop for rejuvenation.

A High-Tech Kitchen for Family Engagement

The main level features a meticulously designed kitchen for family engagement and culinary convenience. The layout allows the family to cook together seamlessly, avoiding interference. Dual cooktops, a built-in coffee maker, rice steamer, wok burner, and a deep fryer cater to every culinary whim. An extended custom vent hood provides ventilation for the appliances.

Functional and Stylish Design Elements

The blue Venetian plaster-accented kitchen, with its curved ceiling reminiscent of contrails across the sky, pays homage to Minnesota’s infrequent sunny days. The space includes a backdrop wall of stainless steel, housing the refrigerator, warming drawers, ovens, and an appliance garage. During large meal preparations, the U-shaped center island functions as a complete kitchen. A dedicated cleanup station spans one wall with two sinks, dual dishwashers, and dishware storage. A large walk-in butler’s pantry provides extra refrigeration, storage, and cleanup facilities.

This modern Minnesota home transcends traditional boundaries with its unconventional layout, innovative design, and vibrant color palette. It becomes a haven of warmth and inspiration for the extended family, standing in bold defiance against the harsh icy climate. This dwelling coalesces architecture and art, aspiring to prolong the allure of the beautiful warm summer season throughout the winter.

Photography by Tim Bjella

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- by Matt Watts