Hidden Garden House: Tropical Oasis in the Heart of Jakarta

The Hidden Garden House in Central Jakarta City, Indonesia, designed by renowned architecture firm RAD+ar, is a captivating blend of modern tropical design and innovative spatial planning. This 1500sqm house, one of the latest iterations of the firm’s “urban tropical house experimental” series, challenges the conventional notions of luxury Menteng living.

Featuring a unique layered landscape of multiple mezzanine gardens and seamless indoor-outdoor connections, the project aims to provide a humble yet energy-efficient family home that harmoniously integrates with the surrounding cityscape.

Intricate architectural design with lush greenery and modern elements.
Serene courtyard with a pool, surrounded by modern architecture and lush greenery.
Luxurious indoor pool surrounded by lush greenery and contemporary furnishings.
A modern, open-concept courtyard with a tranquil reflecting pool surrounded by lush greenery.
A modern building with a sleek, minimalist design, featuring a vibrant glass facade and a serene pool.
Sleek, angular architectural design featuring a glass facade, wood paneling, and water feature.
Lush greenery surrounds a residential complex with varied architectural styles.

About Hidden Garden House

Nestled in the heart of Central Jakarta, the Hidden Garden House by RAD+ar architects is a remarkable fusion of modern design and lush natural elements. Situated in the prestigious Menteng neighborhood, this 1,600 square-foot (150 square-meter) residence challenges the typical expectations of lavish Menteng homes.

Reimagining the Urban Oasis

Recognizing the need for a more balanced approach, the architects set out to create a home that seamlessly integrates multiple garden spaces and a sense of openness. By dividing the roofline into parallel bands of open-air gardens, the design establishes a diagonal circulation loop, inviting residents to engage with the verdant surroundings.

Blending Indoor and Outdoor

The ground floor features a completely transparent layout, fostering visual connections throughout the entire house. The swimming pool acts as a reflective surface, enhancing the sense of light and space. As residents ascend the multi-level stacking gardens, they are treated to breathtaking views of the Jakarta cityscape, blending the urban and natural realms.

Sustainable and Humble Elegance

Contrary to the common perception of extravagance, the Hidden Garden House is designed to be humble and energy-efficient. Incorporating five passive building strategies and active features like high-efficiency HVAC systems, solar panels, and smart home technologies, the residence embodies a sustainable approach.

A Family-Centric Oasis

The architects envisioned the Hidden Garden House as a unique exploration of a young family’s needs. The playful layout of multiple mezzanine gardens within a simple two-story facade creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor experiences.

In conclusion, the Hidden Garden House by RAD+ar architects is a remarkable example of how modern design can be harmoniously integrated with nature, creating a tranquil oasis in the heart of the bustling Jakarta metropolis.

Photography courtesy of RAD+ar
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- by Matt Watts