Lake House: Kvadrat Architects’ Masterpiece in Kazakhstan

Nestled at the foot of a mountain in Shchuchinsk, Kazakhstan, the Lake House by Kvadrat Architects blends contemporary design with nature. The home’s raw materials, like stainless steel and brushed wood, harmonize with its stunning surroundings, offering a serene yet dynamic living space.

Sleek and modern living room with minimalist furniture, geometric ceiling, and large window.
Minimalist living room with geometric lighting fixture, dark wood shelving, and textured rug.
Sleek, modern kitchen with minimalist cabinetry, large windows, and a dining area.
A sleek, modern interior with dark wood walls, track lighting, and a minimalist dining area.
Modern living room with large sectional sofa, black pendant lamp, and minimalist decor.
Sleek, modern living room with orange sofa, built-in bookshelves, and recessed lighting.
A modern, dimly lit dining room with a large black dome light, dark walls, and tan leather chairs.
Modern minimalist bedroom with patterned accent wall, built-in storage, and cowhide rug.
A modern, minimalist workspace with a pegboard wall, floating shelves, and a leather chair.
A minimalist home office with a sleek, modern desk, black accents, and a perforated wood wall.
Minimalist bedroom with warm wooden panels, recessed lighting, and a contemporary gray bed.
Minimalist bedroom with wooden paneling, built-in lighting, and streamlined furnishings.
Minimalist bathroom with warm wood accents, sleek white vanity, and recessed lighting.
A minimalist bathroom design featuring a black vanity, shower, and toilet set against a neutral color palette.

About Lake House

The home in Shchuchinsk, Kazakhstan, blends nature with city life. The family and designers chose this mountain-foot location for permanent residence. Kvadrat Architects designed the client’s parents’ house ten years ago, showing a family tradition of beauty.

Design and Material Choices

The environment influenced the interior mood. The design mixes stainless steel, concrete, and brushed wood. This combination connects the home to nature and family harmony. The central area takes up more than half of the first floor. Floor-to-ceiling windows display the forest and changing nature daily.

Creative Spaces for Children

The girl’s room resembles a creative workshop. Spiritual objects inspire the space’s owner. The interior supports her unique nature, with letters above the clavinova sparking new ideas. A perforated wall allows flexible shelf placement. A secluded space outside the room’s perimeter fosters creativity, poetry, and dreams.

Significant Lounge Area

The house symbolizes a special lifestyle, shown by the entertainment room. This space includes a poker table, movie theater, and library. Like poker signs, the room’s details show the owners’ zest for life, similar to sparkling wine bubbles.

Exclusive Viewing Area

The second floor is a private owner’s space, perfect for reconnecting with nature. The staircase, wood finishes, and floral greenhouse add to its charm. The expansive 120-square-meter (1,292-square-foot) terrace offers panoramic city, mountain, and forest views. The 270-degree view at the mountain’s foot is breathtaking.

Light and Air Movements

The shower and sauna space is exclusive to the homeowners. Heat-treated wood withstands high temperatures and water exposure, pleasing both tactility and durability. The guest bathroom features a translucent panel that mimics sunlight behind a light curtain, enhancing the feel of light and air movement.

“The house was built for permanent residence, considering all details, lifestyle, and preferences. This space offers freedom and is a source of energy and positive emotions,” emphasize Sergey Bekmukhanbetov and Rustam Minnekhanov, designers and CEOs of Kvadrat Architects Studio.

Photography courtesy of Kvadrat Architects

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- by Matt Watts