Vesper Tverskaya: Sophisticated Apartment Living in Moscow

Babayants ArchitectsVesper Tverskaya project in Moscow, Russia, showcases a contemporary design approach that harmonizes French designer Mathieu Lehanneur’s collectible pieces with Russian artistry. This unique apartment interior blends elegance and sophistication, creating an emotionally resonant living space.

Minimalist living room with dark entertainment center, round wood coffee table, and floating shelves.
Minimalist living room with large windows, plush gray sofa, and wooden coffee table.
Spacious, minimalist living room with large windows, cozy sectional, and modern furnishings.
Contemporary dining room with round table, pendant lighting, and large windows overlooking city.
Sleek modern interior with black marble kitchen island, white curtains, and herringbone wood floors.
Sleek, modern kitchen with dark wood cabinetry, black marble countertops, and minimalist bar stools.
Sleek modern apartment with turquoise sofa, artwork, and impressive city view.
Minimalist home office with sleek shelving, large windows, and stylish furnishings.
Clean, minimalist living room with turquoise sofa, white round coffee table, and modern artwork.
Spacious modern bedroom with large windows, plush bedding, and minimalist furnishings.
Modern bedroom with minimalist decor, neutral tones, and a geometric shelving unit.
Minimalist interior design with a round mirror, wooden console table, and decorative spheres.
Sleek, monochromatic bathroom with marble walls, black vanity, and recessed lighting.
Modern bathroom with sleek black fixtures, white marble walls, and a seamless vanity.

About Vesper Tverskaya

Babayants Architects, an award-winning firm, recently launched the Vesper Tverskaya project. Located in the historically styled Vesper Tverskaya clubhouse, the apartments feature completed interiors with advanced engineering systems and stylish furnishings. Clients tasked Babayants Architects with refining the design while maintaining the existing finishes, a challenge the firm embraced as a first in their portfolio.

Design Philosophy and Selections

With a focus on emotion, the design at Vesper Tverskaya unites various elements under a cohesive theme. The project marks a first for Babayants Architects in selecting every interior detail—from Klein Reid porcelain vases to custom home fragrances. Notably, the design integrates pivotal pieces by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur, like the Pillars console and the Inverted Gravity coffee table, bringing a touch of gravity-defying elegance.

Unique Combinations and Glass Themes

The design team explored an unconventional mix of collectible European furniture and Russian artworks, creating a sophisticated ensemble. Additionally, the project highlighted the theme of glass tested against the durable weight of marble, showcasing Herman Ermix’s Shaping Color collection in the bedroom. This collection features artful glass pieces with delicate color transitions, from a two-tone panel to a sleek armchair.

Living Spaces and Office Design

In the living room, lightness defines the space with the Inverted Gravity table surrounded by rounded, flowing furniture forms. The office deserves a closer look for its contrasting designs and tactile ambiance, echoing dried flower aesthetics. Every piece, including the linear Hector shelving and volumetric Marenco sofa, was chosen with precision, adding storied elements to the space.

This tactful blend of design elements and thoughtful selections at Vesper Tverskaya not only meets the client’s needs but also crafts a narrative within each room, combining function with storytelling in a modern living environment.

Photography by Sergey Krasyuk

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- by Matt Watts