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The Architect’s Private House in Rumia, Poland

FeaturedThe Architect’s Private House in Rumia, Poland

Introducing Anna Maria Sokolowska Interior Design’s latest project, “The Architect’s Private House“. Located in Rumia, Poland, this conversion and extension of a farm building from 1940 is an oasis of peace and tranquility, surrounded by greenery and old fruit trees.

Anna Maria designed the interiors to be simple, minimalist and yet give a sense of warmth and a calming feeling. Natural wood repainted white and green colour accents make the property more appealing. The interior features a reinforced concrete ceiling, natural oak wood on the floor, open prefabricated truss in the upstairs bedrooms, and a combination of white, grey, black and natural oak wood. Additionally, the house has an open area with a seating area, dining area and open kitchen, a pantry, a utility locker, and a staircase with double the height. The bedroom has a continental bed, suspended bedside tables, wardrobe with two colour finishes, and an internal private bathroom with a bath and two sinks. This project was a challenge by itself, but Anna Maria managed it as an architect, investor, manager and interior designer.