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Casa Meco by Atelier Rua

FeaturedCasa Meco by Atelier Rua

Nestled in the heart of Portugal, a country known for its diverse landscapes and rich history, you’ll find the fascinating Casa Meco. Reimagined by the innovative Atelier Rua in 2019, this single-story house is a striking interpretation of modern design aesthetics.

Spread over an expansive 13,850 m2 triangular plot (approximately 149,139 square feet), the property is an ode to architecture that harmonizes with nature. As you meander through the beautifully laid out spaces of this stunning residence, each nook and corner reveals an unexpected intimacy with the surroundings. Its four equally captivating façades unfold a narrative of extraordinary design, from the grand living area, secluded bedroom clusters, to the invigorating south-facing pool and exterior terraces.

Casa Meco invites you to unravel the threads of architectural poetry woven into every detail.