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Casa PH Ganso by Barbara Dundes

FeaturedCasa PH Ganso by Barbara Dundes

Casa PH Ganso, located in São Paulo, Brazil is a single-family house redesigned in 2022 by the renowned Brazilian architect Barbara Dundes. With an innovative modern design and style, this 730m² (7802 ft²) home was chosen to be a home for the family of Giovanna Costi and soccer player Paulo Henrique, known as Ganso.

The project was guided by integration: less walls between spaces and more natural lighting. The office features an impressive staircase with wood accents that bring warmth throughout the house. In the kitchen, gray closets provide a modern touch while the living room highlights include an elegant sofa and glass tear where landscaping can be observed. The suite has dark tones around it with its bed as the real protagonist of this space.