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Tucumã Apartment by WF Arquitetos

FeaturedTucumã Apartment by WF Arquitetos

Situated in Bela Vista, Brazil, Tucumã Apartment is a stunning duplex apartment designed by WF Arquitetos.

This contemporary-style abode offers 670 m² (7,200 sqft) of luxurious living space for a financial market couple and their teenage children. Featuring four suites, an intimate room, living and work areas, a home theater, and bike room, the apartment is designed to provide privacy and comfort for the family. To create a cozy atmosphere, the architects applied wood, coating the ceiling and the mezzanine sill with the material. In addition, they used a contemporary and neutral language, with cozier materials and furniture, exemplified by the sofa fabrics, natural wood in furniture, lining, and panels, and pieces of national design.

Tucumã Apartment is located in the vibrant city of São Paulo, known for its diverse culture and vibrant nightlife.