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The Society Hotel Bingen by Waechter Architecture

FeaturedThe Society Hotel Bingen by Waechter Architecture

Experience the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge at The Society Hotel Bingen in Bingen, Washington. Designed by Waechter Architecture in 2022, this real estate property is a hotel that celebrates the local culture and environment through its wooden design style.

The hotel consists of four distinct components: the adaptive reuse of a former 1903 schoolhouse, 20 hotel cabins, a covered pathway, and a spa building. Explore the courtyard and appreciate the far view of the landscape with a sense of retreat. Enjoy the amenities of the spa building, including its large skylight, pools, changing rooms, sauna, kitchen, and massage rooms.

With the strategic placement of elements, the Society Hotel Bingen creates a space that is both respectful to its neighbors and embraces its surrounding environment.