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CMR House by Estudio MMX

FeaturedCMR House by Estudio MMX

Immerse yourself in the embrace of nature with the extraordinary CMR House, a contemporary marvel nestled in the heart of vibrant Mexico City. Masterfully designed by the renowned Estudio MMX in 2017, this urban sanctuary combines the elegance of modern design with the timeless beauty of its verdant surroundings.

The property brilliantly harmonizes the built environment with the natural, boasting a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor spaces that blurs traditional boundaries. Uncover how this uniquely fragmented design provides intriguing angles and surprising vistas at every turn, inviting its inhabitants to pause and revel in the serene views of the private garden. A testament to thoughtful design and remarkable architectural creativity, the CMR House embodies the epitome of urban retreats in Mexico’s bustling capital, a city that is a melting pot of rich history, culture, and world-class cuisine.