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Weston Residence by Choeff Levy Fischman Architecture + Design

FeaturedWeston Residence by Choeff Levy Fischman Architecture + Design

Immerse yourself in the brilliance of tropical modern architecture with the Weston Residence, a striking one-story abode nestled in the suburbs of Miami Beach, Florida. Redefining the architectural norms of the neighborhood, this stunning project stands as a testament to the genius of award-winning design firm, Choeff Levy Fischman.

The house’s design intricately blends indoor-outdoor concepts with a resort-like ambiance, punctuated with classic mid-century modern detailing, interior courtyards, and Zen gardens. Notably, the property luxuriates in natural light streaming through clerestories and slivers, further enhancing the harmony between indoors and outdoors. This captivating project heralds the advent of modern design in a city renowned for its classic aesthetic, offering a refreshing change and a unique living experience.