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FAZE Apartment: A Modernist Renovation in Brasília

FAZE Apartment: A Modernist Renovation in Brasília

Located in the modernist city of Brasília, Brazil, FAZE Apartment is an inspiring home designed by Mosaico Arquitetos in 2020.

The focus of the renovation was the reconfiguration of the social areas, in order to improve the relationship between the different spaces and equate the transition between them. Structural elements such as concrete, wood, glass and white marble were kept apparent, while a wood finish divides the spaces with several sliding doors. Furthermore, the woodwork was done in glossy white lacquer, leaving the spaces wider and clearer to show the original decoration pieces of the residents.

Under the Top: A Century-Old Residence Gets a Makeover

Under the Top: A Century-Old Residence Gets a Makeover

Under the Top, a posh residence located in Prague, Czech Republic, underwent a complete renovation with a modernist design style by No Architects this year.

This historicizing style villa was originally built over a century ago and was in need of an upgrade to keep up with the times. The renovation included a complete technical modernisation, a change of layout, and the incorporation of the clients’ individual life experiences and inspirations. The interior now features a direct connection between the kitchen and the garden, two additional rooms and a bathroom, as well as air-water heat pump for hot water and heating, as well as underfloor heating for thermal stability and comfort.

Welcome Home: Modernist Masterpiece in Prague

FeaturedWelcome Home: Modernist Masterpiece in Prague

Welcome Home is a modernist apartment located in Prague, Czech Republic, designed by No Architects in 2022.

This project is the perfect example of a bright and modern dwelling where one can cook, eat, work, play, watch TV, read, create and sleep. The apartment was overhauled to create a practical area for family living with large sliding doors, furniture designed to suit the occupants, and a well-coordinated technical infrastructure.

With views of Prague and large terraces, Welcome Home is the perfect place to call home.

Architextile: The Perfect Blend of History and Modernity

Architextile: The Perfect Blend of History and Modernity

Behold the Architextile – a modernist apartment situated in the historic city centre of Trieste, Italy. Designed in 2022 by the renowned architectural practice Marcante-Testa, this 180-square-metre dwelling pays tribute to the original period of the building, with fixtures, lighting and furniture such as modern classics by Eileen Gray, and sculptural contemporary designs by Konstantin Grcic for ClassiCon.

Exclusive textile architectural elements, custom-made by the Textiel Museum Tilburg in collaboration with textile designer Aleksandra Gaca, offer a palette of soft pastel and natural tones, creating a timeless and elegant atmosphere.

Diqqa Villa by BM Architects

Diqqa Villa by BM Architects

Diqqa Villa, a modernist house located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was designed by BM Architects.

Built on three levels, the villa features a statement staircase and courtyards that link the different levels, a semi-public area on the ground floor, and private areas on the upper floors. Its inner courtyard acts as a visual focal point, while its wooden lamella finishing, marbled floorings, and elegant furniture blend together to create a harmonious and intimate relationship between the outdoor and indoor spaces.

Riyadh is well-known for its luxury real estate and Diqqa Villa is no exception, with its use of local elements and natural ventilation it is sure to impress.

Casa PH Ganso by Barbara Dundes

FeaturedCasa PH Ganso by Barbara Dundes

Casa PH Ganso, located in São Paulo, Brazil is a single-family house redesigned in 2022 by the renowned Brazilian architect Barbara Dundes. With an innovative modern design and style, this 730m² (7802 ft²) home was chosen to be a home for the family of Giovanna Costi and soccer player Paulo Henrique, known as Ganso.

The project was guided by integration: less walls between spaces and more natural lighting. The office features an impressive staircase with wood accents that bring warmth throughout the house. In the kitchen, gray closets provide a modern touch while the living room highlights include an elegant sofa and glass tear where landscaping can be observed. The suite has dark tones around it with its bed as the real protagonist of this space.

Modernist Apartment by Oleg Pigulevskii

FeaturedModernist Apartment by Oleg Pigulevskii

Welcome to the vibrant city of Rostov-on-Don, Russia, home to the stunning modernist apartment designed by renowned designer Oleg Pigulevskii.

Completed in 2022, this one-of-a-kind property draws inspiration from the city’s long-standing architectural history and its modernist aesthetics. With its contemporary design, this apartment is a perfect example of how modernist design can be integrated into a unique and creative space. From the open floor plan to the carefully chosen color palette, this apartment is an ode to the city’s rich heritage and a testament to the designer’s masterful work.