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East Side Story House by Tzvia Kazayoff

FeaturedEast Side Story House by Tzvia Kazayoff

Discover East Side Story House, a captivating architectural marvel in the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel. Designed in 2020 by the gifted Tzvia Kazayoff, this contemporary-styled apartment showcases exceptional sophistication and innovative design. Merging two apartments into a single dwelling, the four-year project is a testament to the bold vision of its designers and the trusting couple who dared to dream.

Overlooking the serene fields of North Tel Aviv, known for its dynamic culture and vibrant art scene, this modern property resonates with a unique blend of tranquility and urban charm.

Urban Penthouse in Tel-Aviv by Tzvia Kazayoff

FeaturedUrban Penthouse in Tel-Aviv by Tzvia Kazayoff

Experience the epitome of urban sophistication in Tzvia Kazayoff‘s Urban Penthouse, an industrial-style apartment nestled in the vibrant heart of Tel Aviv, Israel. This masterfully designed 2019 penthouse mirrors the lively spirit of a young tech professional, amalgamating comfort, functionality, and distinct aesthetics.

From the tranquil positioning of the bedroom to a tailored workspace, a minimalist kitchen, and an inviting rooftop pool, this residence encapsulates the essence of modern Tel Aviv living. The daring yet tasteful blend of exposed concrete, black metal beams, and a diverse array of textiles exemplifies the designer’s meticulous attention to detail, delivering a living space that’s as captivating as it is practical.