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Patio-House: Designing Privacy and Tranquility in Spain

Expansive indoor-outdoor space with brick walls, open shelving, and a leather lounge chair.

Discover Patio-House in Salou, Spain, designed by NUA Arquitectures in 2021. This house merges ancient Roman influences with modern design, creating a serene living space centered around a courtyard. Crafted for light and privacy, paramount design features include ceramic materials and architecturally strategic light play, perfectly encapsulating Mediterranean warmth and heritage. Explore how traditional aesthetics meet contemporary needs in this unique home.

Casa Pátio: The Art of Utilizing Concrete in Contemporary Homes

FeaturedSpacious open-plan living area with concrete walls, wooden panels, and modern furnishings.

Casa Pátio, designed by Caio Persighini Arquitetura & Design in 2022, stands as a beacon of innovative architecture in Araraquara, Brazil. This house cleverly integrates the unique terrain to offer distinct levels of living space, including a home brewery. With its modern concrete structure and strategic use of brises for privacy, Casa Pátio redefines the luxury residential experience.

Patios of Petals: A Floral-Inspired Contemporary House

FeaturedPatios of Petals: A Floral-Inspired Contemporary House

Nestled in the heart of Porto, Portugal, a city renowned for its rich history and stunning architecture, stands the “Patios of Petals” – a two-story house that is a testament to contemporary design. Crafted by the visionary Sandra Micaela Casinha Atelier in 2023, this architectural marvel draws inspiration from the organic movement of flower petals, creating a harmonious blend of nature and modern living.

The house’s design is characterized by a large “U” glazing and an internal curved structural wall that, along with the staircase, forms the heart of the house. The upper floor, embraced by the petal-like structures, is accentuated by the use of three materials: white, aluminum, and glass. The lower floor, where the petals land, showcases a similar triad of materials: glass, aluminum, and wood. This careful selection of materials serves to highlight the main actor – the organicist white volume.

Casa Patios by Ricardo Yslas Gamez Arquitectos

Casa Patios by Ricardo Yslas Gamez Arquitectos

Casa Patios is a single-family house located in Mexico City, Mexico and designed by Ricardo Yslas Gamez Arquitectos in 2022.

This modern home is designed to preserve the 70-year-old guava tree that was transplanted from Morelia to Mexico City. Casa Patios features two volumes that join by a bridge, strategically designed courtyards and a floating wall that embraces the house. The main courtyard houses the guava tree and opens to the living room, dining room, and game room. The secondary courtyard was conceived as an outdoor dining room with direct communication to the kitchen. The private areas are located on the second level and are made up of large slabs and floating concrete elements.

With its interior-exterior integration and use of weather conditions, Casa Patios is the perfect modern home for Mexico City.

A Guide to Designing the Perfect Patio

A Guide to Designing the Perfect Patio

The luxury of having an outdoor space offers you a relaxing place to reflect and unwind in the privacy of your own home, with the warm rays of the sun on your face and the soothing sounds of bird songs on your doorstep. Designing a patio will not only enhance your enjoyment of your garden but will also increase the value of your home. In this article, we’ve outlined some of the key aspects to consider when it comes to planning your perfect patio design.