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Westmark School: Innovating Education with Outdoor Learning Spaces

This image depicts a modern outdoor courtyard with a central tree, seating areas, and distinctive architectural design elements.

The Westmark School, designed by nbbj in the United States and unveiled in 2023, represents a revolutionary leap in educational architecture. This net zero school places emphasis on tailored, flexible learning environments under the canopy of a grand California Sycamore tree. The design uniquely supports the school’s dedication to individualized instruction, healthy living spaces, and seamless outdoor learning opportunities, setting a new standard for innovative educational spaces.

House of Arches: A Serene Getaway Home in Southern Portugal

FeaturedContemporary villa with arched entrance set amidst wild grass.

Discover House of Arches, Vasco Lima Mayer‘s stunning contribution to Portugal’s vacation homes. This architectural masterpiece, built from ancient ruins, emphasizes comfort, open spaces, and a harmonious blend of past and present.

Designed for extended family retreats, it features expansive common areas, private relaxation zones, and signature arches that invite nature indoors while offering protection from southern Portugal’s heat.

The Courtyard Villa: A Masterpiece of Contemporary Living in Lavasan

Modern house with curved design, large windows, and a pool at twilight.

Discover The Courtyard Villa in Lavasan, Iran, a masterpiece by Nextoffice designed in 2024. This luxurious house blends classical and contemporary elements, featuring intricate arches and a central courtyard that redefines indoor-outdoor living. Its unique design offers varying degrees of permeability and sweeping views, making it a profound statement in modern architecture.

Perfectly Hernest Blend of Mid-Century Modern and Contemporary Styles for Your Living Room!

Elegant living room with vintage furniture and chandelier.

Are you looking to transform your living room into a space that exudes both the charm of the past and the sleekness of the present? Look no further! Our new collection of furniture combines the timeless elegance of mid-century modern design with the clean lines and sophistication of contemporary aesthetics. Let’s explore the key pieces that will elevate your living room to the next level:

UMI Armchair by WOO Design by Rostislav Sorokovoy

UMI Armchair by WOO Design by Rostislav Sorokovoy

Discover the UMI Armchair, an embodiment of design excellence, conceived exclusively for WOO Furniture by the renowned Rostislav Sorokoviy.

Merging the essence of a soft sculpture with the functionality of furniture, UMI offers a unique sitting experience. With its artistic horseshoe shape, ergonomic design, and inviting aesthetics, it beckons every onlooker to engage, sit, and find their own comforting niche.

Dive deep into the world of UMI and explore the finesse of modern furniture design.

Tripod Side Table: A Unique Blend of Archaism and Modernity

Tripod Side Table: A Unique Blend of Archaism and Modernity

Explore the intersection of art and function with Donatas Žukauskas‘s “Tripod Side Table“. More than just a practical piece, this table represents a fusion of old-world charm and contemporary aesthetics.

Crafted with a surprising mix of paper pulp and cardboard, this design achieves an impressive durability and natural texture that mimics wood. Highlighting sustainability alongside style, this striking furniture piece—available in black or mottled finishes—perfectly illustrates the balance between sturdiness, elegance, and eco-conscious design.