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7th Street House: Modern Twist on Berkeley Bungalows

Modern, minimalist residential architecture featuring a striking geometric facade, wooden accents, and well-landscaped surroundings.

Discover how the 7th Street House in Berkeley, California reimagines traditional living spaces. Designed by Sidell Pakravan Architects in 2022, this contemporary house blends the classic charm of 1920s bungalows with modern design principles. Emphasizing natural light and spacious interiors, the house provides a unique living experience tailored for a retiring couple, ensuring comfort and style in their golden years.

Rockrise Renovation: Mid-Century Sausalito Home Gets a Luxe Update

FeaturedBright, airy living room with minimalist decor, fireplace, and panoramic windows overlooking nature.

When an unexpected car fire ignited the drive for innovation, the Rockrise Renovation project in Sausalito, California, transformed a classic 1950s home into a modern masterpiece. Richardson Pribuss Architects expertly navigated the challenge, enhancing the 2,200-square-foot mid-century house with luxurious new spaces and a refreshed interior design. The updated structure not only capitalizes on its breathtaking San Francisco Bay views but also harmonizes advanced features with its historical essence.

The Jewelry Box by Tzvia Kazayoff

FeaturedHigh-contrast modern living room with plush seating, shelving, and hardwood floor.

In Ganei Tikva, Israel, The Jewelry Box apartment is a breathtaking manifestation of luxury and style, skillfully designed by Tzvia Kazayoff. In 2023, this stylish retreat transformed an unremarkable neighborhood into a symbol of beauty and inspiration. Through a blend of expert carpentry and customized furniture, it reflects the personal resilience and dreams of its owners, making it not just a living space but a local sensation that has captivated neighbors and visitors alike.

Water’s Edge: Captivating Coastal Residence by SAOTA

FeaturedModern, multi-level beachside residence with lush tropical landscaping and glass facade.

Designed by renowned architecture firm SAOTA, the Water’s Edge house in Sydney, Australia, is a stunning example of modern design that seamlessly integrates with its picturesque harbour setting.

This multilevel family home, completed in 2023, showcases a sensitive approach that minimizes its profile to preserve the neighborhood’s character while offering unparalleled views and a continuous connection to the water. The use of natural materials, including Lava stone and honed Mount White Sandstone, allows the residence to blend effortlessly with the surrounding landscape, while the carefully curated landscaping echoes the boldness of the architecture.

Seven Hills SF: Feldman Architecture’s Airy Workspace Transformation

Minimalist kitchen design with wood-paneled cabinets, concrete countertops, and glass divider.

Feldman Architecture‘s reimagination of a historic San Francisco building into the chic, contemporary office space known as Seven Hills SF showcases their expertise in blending old and new. Located in the Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood, this former health center and gym now features a refreshed, airy workspace anchored by a striking, wood-slatted staircase and an operable skylight that floods the double-height atrium with natural light.

Townhouse by Kallos Turin: Restoring Historic Glamour in Argentina

FeaturedElegant living room with inviting armchairs, mirrored fireplace, and glass coffee table.

This historic Townhouse in the lush Palermo Chico neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been meticulously restored and modernized by renowned design duo Kallos Turin. The clients, who have collaborated with the designers on several previous projects, sought to create an elegant, intellectually-engaging home that blends the grandeur of the original Beaux-Arts architecture with contemporary sensibilities.

Kallos Turin‘s approach artfully preserves the home’s historic details while strategically inserting modern design elements, resulting in a harmonious balance of classic and contemporary styles.

1930s Apartment: Reviving Historic Charm in Prague

Minimalist room with green metal shelving unit and round mirror, parquet flooring.

Designed by the talented team at Studio COSMO, this comprehensive renovation of a 1930s apartment in Prague, Czech Republic, showcases a remarkable blend of historic charm and modern elegance.

Stripping the floor plan to its load-bearing walls, the designers crafted a spacious hallway that serves as a central link within the apartment, leading to a striking green vestibule and a generously designed library. By merging the original narrow street-facing rooms, the team created an expansive living area where a bespoke solid oak table serves as a focal point, complementing the oak floors and seamlessly integrated white kitchen.

Holiday Inns Samui Lobby: Embracing Coconut Shell Inspiration

Warm-toned arched ceiling with a central fan, white furniture, and tree in the background.

The Holiday Inns Samui Lobby, designed by renowned architect Onion, showcases a captivating blend of tropical Thai aesthetics and modern design. Located in the idyllic island of Ko Samui, Thailand, this hotel lobby features a unique interpretation of the coconut shell, with wooden shingles and gypsum board enclosures forming a three-dimensional, step-like interior. The design seamlessly integrates an existing Java Plum tree, creating a serene oasis within the lobby.