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Aurora House: A One-Level Marvel in Brazilian Architecture

FeaturedContemporary house with patterned concrete wall and flat roof.

Aurora House, designed by Nommo Arquitetos in 2022, stands as a private haven in Pinhais, Brazil. This ground-level residence, embracing an “L” configuration, showcases a delicate balance between social and private spaces, wrapped in exposed concrete and enriched by local Araucarias. The design, focusing on natural ventilation, thermal protection, and integration with the surroundings, offers a unique living experience that highlights the beauty of the Serra do Mar.

House of a Filmmaker: Transforming Duplex Villa into a Creative Sanctuary

Modern living room with pink and tan furniture, large painting, and skylight

Designed by Fon Studio and located in China, the House of a Filmmaker presents a revolutionary approach to duplex villa living. Not just a house, but a “Life Studio,” it stands as a tribute to the owner’s creative pursuits. Through meticulous site transformation, this residence blurs the lines between chance and imagination, infusing every nook with stories and emotions. Engage with a space where indoor and outdoor seamlessly mingle, elevated by Fon Studio‘s signature warm, textural interplay.

Casa Trenta: Exploring Rome’s Art Deco Influence in Modern Spaces

Modern kitchen with geometric floor and wooden dining table.

Discover the charm of Casa Trenta, a Studio Gamp! designed apartment located in Rome, Italy. This 2023 renovation marries the unique 1930s geometric patterns with modern living spaces, showcasing a blend of history and contemporary design. From vibrant blue and yellow floorings to the sleek, open-plan kitchen, Casa Trenta is a testament to stylish, urban living in the heart of Rome.

Camp Sarika: A New Dawn in Luxury Wilderness Resorts

Luxury tent-like structure with a plunge pool in a desert landscape.

Discover the unrivaled beauty of Camp Sarika by Luxury Frontiers, nestled in Canyon Point, United States. This unique hotel, designed in 2020, redefines luxury camping in North America’s desert landscape. With 10 canvas-topped pavilions, each offering private plunge pools and breathtaking views, the design harmonizes with the natural surroundings. Engage with the serene desert from a space where elegance and the great outdoors seamlessly intertwine.

An Office Two Houses: Sustainable Living Meets Modern Design in Scotland

Modern house with a dark wood facade and large window, surrounded by a green lawn

An Office Two Houses, designed by Loader Monteith in 2022, is a pioneering mixed-use development located in Inverness, United Kingdom. This project skillfully transforms a narrow roadside plot into the headquarters for H&I Adventures and two low-energy homes, demonstrating a keen focus on sustainability, community revitalization, and architectural excellence. Set against the backdrop of the Scottish landscape, the design seamlessly integrates contemporary style with the natural surroundings.

The Dog’s Breakfast: Reviving Redmond’s Quasi-Craftsman Charm

Contemporary house with illuminated windows at dusk and a double garage.

Discover the transformation of The Dog’s Breakfast, a unique house in Redmond, WA, renovated by Paul Michael Davis Architects in 2023. From an odd structure, born of historical disarray and layered additions, this project marries modern design with the home’s rich narrative. The renovated space now thrives as an indoor-outdoor living hub, incorporating innovative elements like a vertical garden and a space for music, all while offering panoramic views of the Cascade Mountains.