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Casa Stalla: A Historic Munich Stable Reimagined

Bright, rustic-style living room with exposed beams and a large leather sofa.

Discover the enchanting Casa Stalla, a remarkable transformation of a 1904 suburban stable into a contemporary home by Piano B Architetti Associati in Munich’s Solln district. This once humble structure now stands as a testament to architectural evolution, blending traditional brick with modern abstract elements. The design delicately balances the building’s rural origins with sophisticated spatial reorganization, creating a seamless flow between its storied past and innovative present.

Cuatro Aguas: Redefining Traditional Chilean Homes

Modern courtyard with transparent walls blending indoor and outdoor spaces.

Cuatro Aguas, designed by DX Arquitectos, is an architectural marvel in Chile’s sunny Chicureo valley. Completed in 2015, this house blends a massive single-volume design with four unique roof slopes, creating a stunning water courtyard. Traditional design elements, including large Chilean clay tiles and thick brick walls, offer a cool retreat in the harsh Chicureo heat. Moving away from the typical “Chilean House” style, Cuatro Aguas stands as a testament to innovative yet traditional architecture.

La Salvada Louboutin: Melding Modernity and Tradition

Spacious living room with eclectic decor, large windows, and patterned tile floor

La Salvada Louboutin, Tarek Shamma‘s 2021 architectural marvel in Melides, Portugal, epitomizes a fusion of modern and traditional design. This two-bedroom retreat, sculpted with local materials and eco-friendly methods, harmoniously blends with its surroundings.

Its design celebrates both indoor comfort and Portugal’s stunning outdoor scenery, featuring a 5-meter wide cactus. Traditional Azulejos tiles intersect with modern geometric aesthetics, creating a culturally rich and environmentally considerate space.

From Garage to House: Industrial-Style Spanish Home Makeover

From Garage to House: Industrial-Style Spanish Home Makeover

Discover From Garage to House in Barcelona, Spain, a remarkable transformation by Judit Falgueras Arquitectura. This 1960s industrial building, once a simple warehouse and parking lot, has been skillfully converted into an elegant family home.

Merging industrial, modern, and traditional styles, the project honors its origins with reused local wood beams and introduces modern elements like a new metal structure for enhanced stability. This fusion of historic charm and contemporary design creates a unique urban living experience.

Cuatro Cielos: A Serene Retreat in Tulum

Cuatro Cielos: A Serene Retreat in Tulum

Explore Cuatro Cielos, a tranquil residential masterpiece by Void Studio in Tulum, Mexico. This exceptional development boasts four unique units within three volumes, offering an intimate connection with the natural world.

Utilizing indigenous materials, Cuatro Cielos blends seamlessly into its environment, while providing breathtaking sky views from every vantage point, embodying its name: Four Heavens.