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Benedict Canyon: A Beverly Hills Home Designed for Modern Living

FeaturedModern glass and stone home surrounded by lush greenery and a swimming pool.

Designed by acclaimed Whipple Russell Architects, the Benedict Canyon house in Beverly Hills, California, showcases a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living spaces. Originally envisioned for a sports enthusiast, this modern home has evolved to cater to the needs of its new owners, while preserving the original architectural vision. From the dramatic double-height foyer to the expansive glass walls that blur the line between indoors and out, this 2023 project exemplifies the epitome of resort-style living in the heart of the California hills.

Casa Na Romeira: A Retreat Nestled in Portugal’s Picturesque Countryside

Modern white house with a large swimming pool and lounge chairs on a grassy lawn against a blue sky.

DP ArquitectosCasa Na Romeira in Santarém, Portugal, is a captivating house that seamlessly blends into its natural surroundings. Designed in 2023, this residential project aims to model the very place it occupies on the periphery of Romeira. By embracing the existing landscape, the design creates a humanized and concrete living space, structuring it with meaning and purpose to provide a visually compelling reference point within the urban and rural context.

Rotating House: Innovative Rotating Design in Da Nang

Stunning modern architecture with lush tropical landscaping and unique design elements.

Designed by AD+Studio, the Rotating house in Da Nang, Vietnam, is a captivating residential project that blends contemporary architecture with traditional Vietnamese influences. This family home, completed in 2022, prioritizes the development and privacy of its occupants, a couple and their two children. The unique 45-degree rotation of the building enhances the depth and airflow, creating an unexpected yet harmonious living experience.

Empyrean Villa: Luxury 3-Story Bungalow in Ahmedabad

FeaturedModern multi-story residence with glass walls, wooden accents, and tropical landscaping.

Architect Vihar S Fadia‘s masterful creation, the Empyrean Villa in Ranip, India, is a testament to the fusion of modern design and functional elegance. This luxurious three-story bungalow, set on a 4000-square-foot plot, showcases a seamless blend of contemporary elements and sophisticated living, catering to the client’s desires for both opulence and practicality. From the captivating exterior with dark grey textures and Italian stone cladding to the grandeur of the double-height dining area and the serene integration of nature, this residence embodies the epitome of luxury living.

Gasometrica: Triangular Geometry Meets Carrara Marble in Italy

Bright, minimalist living space with modern furnishings, geometric shelving, and potted plants.

R3architetti‘s Gasometrica project in Turin, Italy, showcases a thoughtful apartment design that harmonizes functional and aesthetic elements. This 2023 interior renovation seamlessly blends the industrial heritage of the Italgas gasometers with contemporary materials and a vibrant color palette, creating a dynamic living space. The custom-designed interiors feature a geometric composition inspired by the gasometer’s structural patterns, artfully incorporated into the living room’s shelving and cabinetry.

House in Muko: Redefining Japanese Residential Design in Kyoto

A modern architectural design with a central courtyard and glass walls overlooking a lush garden.

Tomohiro Hata Architect & Associates have unveiled a captivating new residential project in the heart of Kyoto, Japan. The “House in Muko” blends traditional farmhouse aesthetics with modern living, creating a harmonious balance between the past and present. Situated amidst the lush farmlands and bamboo forests of Muko City, this 2023 design showcases a thoughtful approach to preserving the region’s historical architectural elements while embracing contemporary living standards.

Garden Pavilion: Sustainable Design in the Heart of Prague

A rustic, wooden cabin-like structure with a bookshelf-lined interior and outdoor space.

The Garden Pavilion, designed by BYRÓ architekti in Prague, Czech Republic, is a captivating house project that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living. Completed in 2023, this unique structure offers a modest yet versatile space, catering to the clients’ desire for an outdoor retreat while maintaining a connection to the surrounding mature garden.

With its folding polycarbonate panel that allows the interior to transition seamlessly to the outdoors, the Garden Pavilion creates a paraphrase of a garden loggia, drawing inspiration from the architect’s fundamental architectural vision.