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Retreat: Exploring a Nature-Forward Home in Ontario

Spacious living area with large windows, fireplace, and minimalist furniture.

Reflect Architecture unveils Retreat, a nature-centric house nestled in Caledon, Canada. Designed in 2023, this 1,600 sq ft (149 sq m) residence harmoniously integrates into a 1.5-acre (0.61-hectare) forested terrain. The design facilitates sustainable living with a focus on solar efficiency and ingress to natural settings. Retreat embodies a modern architectural strategy with its unique C-shaped layout, enhancing both privacy and panoramic views, while efficiently connecting its occupants with the surrounding landscape.

Trapezium House: Innovative Design Meets Cozy Interiors

A modern, sleek house with a wooden exterior, large windows, and a balcony overlooking lush greenery.

Discover Trapezium House in David Canabarro, RS, Brazil, a stunning 2022 design by Studio KUNZ. This house uniquely blends trapezoidal architecture with a view of idyllic landscapes. Its innovative design optimizes space on a single-storey layout, combining modernity with traditional country living. Inside, features like a wood stove and linen finishes provide warmth, while large windows frame breathtaking natural views, promising both comfort and style.

Casa Fernandēz: A Serene Oasis Blending Tradition and Modernity

A stately stone archway framing a stunning ocean view, surrounded by lush desert landscaping.

Discover Casa Fernandēz by Velz: Architetti, a house designed in 2022 located in Torre San Giovanni, Italy. This unique property combines rural appeal with contemporary ease, offering a fresh and simple lifestyle. Set amidst an olive grove extending over two hectares, it offers stunning Ionian Sea views. Velz: Architetti masterfully blends local Salentine architecture with modern interior design, creating a serene and intimate retreat.

Light House: Where Heritage Meets Contemporary Design

Light House: Where Heritage Meets Contemporary Design

Studio iF‘s Light House in Singapore is a stunning renovation of a 1970s townhouse. The project, designed in 2022, blends the original charm with modern needs, introducing daylight-filled spaces and sustainable materials. This house showcases a unique conversation between classic and contemporary designs, set against a backdrop of lush gardens and carefully chosen interior details.

M2 Country House: Discover Israel’s Unique Family Retreat

FeaturedSpacious, minimalist living room with wooden and glass elements, built-in shelves.

Discover the M2 Country House in Israel, designed by Raz Melamed for seamless living and hosting. This modern home, perfect for a couple and their visiting family, blends sophisticated design with functionality, featuring a central patio for year-round entertainment, accessible spaces, and a stunning outdoor kitchen and pool, all while prioritizing natural light and the integration of nature with luxurious living.

Les Rochers: A Blend of Heritage and Modern Design

A modern, minimalist house with a striking triangular roof and large windows overlooking the landscape.

Explore Les Rochers, a stunning house located in Havre-Aubert, Canada, designed by la SHED in 2020. This property is a blend of traditional architecture and contemporary design, offering panoramic sea views and a serene atmosphere. Its use of wood shingles connects it to heritage, while the interior’s modern aesthetic provides guests with luxury and comfort. Experience a unique stay where tradition meets contemporary elegance.