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Chewuch River: Exploring the Cruciform Design in WA

Distinctive wooden-beamed structure with expansive glass walls overlooking a rural landscape.

Situated along the banks of the Chewuch River in Washington, D.C., this 2022 cabin design by Prentiss Balance Wickline delivers a striking blend of modern and natural elements. The cruciform floor plan features a high-ceilinged central living space intersected by a lower-roofed wing containing bedrooms and utility areas, offering a thoughtful response to the rugged surrounding landscape.

Rotterdam Loft: Spacious & Airy Apartment Design

A cozy modern living room with large windows overlooking lush greenery and an open kitchen area.

Rotterdam Loft, a stunning apartment design by Kumiki Architecture, exemplifies a harmonious blend of rigorous yet thoughtful interventions. Located in the vibrant city of Rotterdam, Netherlands, this project showcases a dynamic interplay of open, light-filled spaces that cater seamlessly to the clients’ family lifestyle. Preserving the original elements of the urban dwelling, the design seamlessly incorporates contemporary materials and forms, creating a captivating balance between the old and the new.

Loft Milanese: Reimagining Industrial Chic in Milan’s Loft

FeaturedExpansive living room with modern furniture, shelves, and lighting fixtures.

Nestled in the heart of Milan, Italy, the Loft Milanese project by Contract District Group showcases the remarkable transformation of a 1950s industrial loft into an elegant urban sanctuary. This modern residential gem seamlessly blends its industrial heritage with contemporary comfort and design, creating a captivating interplay of materials and textures that captivates the senses.

Designed in 2024, this apartment-style loft exemplifies the potential of Contract District Group‘s innovative “Family Contract” service, delivering a harmonious integration of construction, lighting, and furnishings for a streamlined, optimized execution.

N Apartment: Redesigning a 67 sq. m. Home in Tel Aviv

FeaturedCozy modern living room with large windows, neutral color palette, and contemporary furniture.

Situated in the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel, the N Apartment showcases a captivating blend of contemporary design and historical charm. Envisioned by the talented interior designer Maya Sheinberger, this 67-square-meter apartment has undergone a remarkable transformation, redefining its structure and the life of its owner, a Tel Avivian consultant in her thirties. With a focus on natural materials, custom storage solutions, and flexible living spaces, the N Apartment embodies a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

1WSQ: Elevating the Modern Office with Vocon’s Design

Modern open-plan office space with sleek granite bar, pendant lighting, and lush plant decor.

Introducing 1WSQ, a stunning new office development in Brooklyn, New York, designed by the acclaimed architecture firm Vocon. Crafted to evoke the exclusivity of a members-only club, the 5,400 square-foot amenity space on the 15th floor features a captivating blend of industrial elements and sophisticated design. Inspired by the sapphire brick exterior, the custom bar, named “The Garden,” serves as a striking centerpiece, complemented by custom blue banquettes and a harmonious palette of warm woods, metals, and soothing greenery.

9 East Studio: Collective Office’s Modern Redesign in Chicago

A modern, minimalist interior with large windows overlooking a historic brick building.

Collective Office, a renowned design firm, has breathed new life into a piece of Chicago history with their stunning 9 East Studio project. Located in the heart of the city, this 5,550-square-foot, two-story office space was once home to a custom masonry fabrication contractor, sitting vacant since the mid-1980s. Through a meticulous renovation process that spanned 24 dump trucks and 7 months, the team has created a modern and functional workspace that celebrates the building’s rich heritage and supports creativity, collaboration, and productivity.

Casa E+A: Atelier Pour’s Bespoke Home Design in Turin

Stylish modern living room with sleek TV unit, shelving, and plush seating.

Designed by the acclaimed Atelier Pour, Casa E+A is a stunning new residence in Turin, Italy, that showcases the firm’s exceptional talent for creating bespoke, modern living spaces. This 100+ square meter home seamlessly blends metal, wood, and warm textiles, offering a harmonious balance of minimalism and custom-designed elements. From the meticulously crafted living room to the thoughtfully curated bedrooms, this project exemplifies the team’s commitment to delivering a truly personalized design experience for their clients.

Holeckova: Innovative House Design by Klára Valová in Prague

Sleek modern interior with minimalist decor, dark color scheme, and recessed lighting.

Klára Valová of SMLXL, a renowned Czech architect, has recently unveiled her latest masterpiece – Holeckova, a stunning residential project located in Prague, Czech Republic. Designed in 2023, this captivating residence showcases Valová exceptional talent for blending modern design elements with timeless architectural principles, creating a harmonious and visually striking living space.

Boasting a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, the Holeckova is a testament to Valová ability to craft exceptional residential properties that seamlessly integrate with their surrounding environment.