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Bay Area Research Company: Where Historic Charm Meets Modern Workspace

Modern office lounge with hanging plants, circular seating, and natural light.

In California’s vibrant Bay Area, SkB Architects reimagines office space with the Bay Area Research Company project. This 2022 design marvel blends industrial style with comfort, transforming warehouses into a dynamic workspace. It’s not just an office; it’s a journey of discovery. With open, multi-functional spaces and a green plantscape, it offers a creative haven. This design celebrates both old and new, inviting collaboration and innovation in every corner.

Well: Transforming a Belgian Home into a Modern Marvel

Modern kitchen with sleek cabinets, dining area, and garden view.

Amidst the urban landscape of Mortsel, Belgium, stands Well, a single-family home with a story of transformation. This property, originally a multi-family dwelling, was reimagined by Memo Architectuur in 2023 into a modern, industrial sanctuary.

The renovation, driven by a desire for natural light and space optimization, honors the building’s heritage while infusing sustainable and aesthetic elements. Once a dilapidated structure, Well now showcases the perfect blend of functionality and design, offering a unique living experience in the heart of the city.

Ibiza Campo – Loft: A Rustic-Industrial Retreat

Modern room with exposed wooden beams, tan couch, and minimalistic decor.

Ibiza Campo – Loft, a striking transformation by Ibiza Interiors, turns an abandoned warehouse into a dream loft in Ibiza Town, Spain. Fusing industrial and rustic elements, this sustainable home features local materials like ‘sabina beams’ unique to Ibiza, complemented by modern steel and terra cotta accents.

With self-sufficient amenities like solar panels and a private well, it offers breathtaking views, a yoga platform, and lush gardens, embodying a balance of old and new, sleek and rustic.

East Side Gallery Berlin: Blending Industrial Flair and Green Design

East Side Gallery Berlin: Blending Industrial Flair and Green Design

Discover the Locke at East Side Gallery, a transformative 176-room hotel designed by Grzywinski+Pons, nestled in Berlin’s historic Friedrichshain neighborhood. Adjacent to the iconic Berlin Wall, now a vibrant canvas for international art, this hotel embodies a unique fusion of industrial and green design.

Embracing Berlin’s spirit of unity and creativity, the hotel boasts inviting spaces including a café, bar, lounge, and co-working areas. Its architecture skillfully navigates the dichotomy between public and private realms, echoing the city’s dynamic energy and the peaceful River Spree.

From Garage to House: Industrial-Style Spanish Home Makeover

From Garage to House: Industrial-Style Spanish Home Makeover

Discover From Garage to House in Barcelona, Spain, a remarkable transformation by Judit Falgueras Arquitectura. This 1960s industrial building, once a simple warehouse and parking lot, has been skillfully converted into an elegant family home.

Merging industrial, modern, and traditional styles, the project honors its origins with reused local wood beams and introduces modern elements like a new metal structure for enhanced stability. This fusion of historic charm and contemporary design creates a unique urban living experience.

Leach Home: Jaime Salvá’s Chic Industrial Retreat

FeaturedLeach Home: Jaime Salvá’s Chic Industrial Retreat

Discover the enchanting Leach Home, a chic and industrially styled apartment in the heart of Palma de Mallorca’s Santa Catalina. Renowned designer Jaime Salvá transforms this space, once a blank canvas post-demolition, into a functional masterpiece for a foreign family’s second residence.

Nestled in a former fishing village, now a gastronomic haven, Leach Home harmoniously blends modern living with the area’s bohemian charm. Experience how carefully curated furniture and lighting breathe life into this unique two-bedroom apartment, making it an epitome of contemporary design in a historical neighborhood.