1WSQ: Elevating the Modern Office with Vocon’s Design

Introducing 1WSQ, a stunning new office development in Brooklyn, New York, designed by the acclaimed architecture firm Vocon. Crafted to evoke the exclusivity of a members-only club, the 5,400 square-foot amenity space on the 15th floor features a captivating blend of industrial elements and sophisticated design. Inspired by the sapphire brick exterior, the custom bar, named “The Garden,” serves as a striking centerpiece, complemented by custom blue banquettes and a harmonious palette of warm woods, metals, and soothing greenery.

Sleek, modern living room with black marble feature wall, wood-paneled ceiling.
Modern office interior with blue furniture, track lighting, and floor-to-ceiling windows.
Modern open-plan office space with sleek granite bar, pendant lighting, and lush plant decor.
Sleek modern interior with vibrant plants, bench seating, and minimalist lighting.
Spacious modern dining area with panoramic city views, wooden furniture and neutral tones.
Striking modern interior with blue-toned paneled walls and a comfortable seating area.
Modern office space with sleek blue paneled walls, black table, and plush navy sofa.

About 1WSQ

Elevating the Workday: Luxurious Amenities at 1WSQ

Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, 1 Willoughby Square (1WSQ) stands as a beacon of architectural excellence, blending modern design with a touch of industrial flair. Designed by the acclaimed firm Vocon, this office building’s crowning jewel is the stunning 15th-floor amenity space, aptly named “The Sapphire Club.”

Immersed in Indigo: The Sapphire-Inspired Aesthetic

Drawing inspiration from the building’s striking sapphire-hued exterior, the interior design of The Sapphire Club exudes a captivating sense of exclusivity and refinement. The custom-designed sapphire-toned bar, affectionately dubbed “The Garden,” serves as the centerpiece, commanding attention with its bold and sophisticated presence. Complementing this statement element, the rich blue banquettes draw the eye outward, framing the breathtaking views of Brooklyn and Manhattan beyond the expansive windows.

A Sanctuary for Productivity and Relaxation

Designed to cater to the diverse needs of 1WSQ’s tenants, the amenity space offers a seamless blend of focused work areas and inviting social zones. The neutral finishes, such as warm woods and metals, woven and tucked fabric walls, playful terrazzo, and soothing greenery, create a harmonious balance that enhances the overall aesthetic. Carefully positioned ductwork and HVAC systems allow for an open, clean ceiling design, further amplifying the sense of sophistication and functionality.

Crafting an Exclusive Experience

Whether tenants seek a quiet respite during the workday or desire to unwind with colleagues over a cocktail, The Sapphire Club offers a versatile and elevated experience. The thoughtfully curated furniture, including sleek powder-coated black accents, invites users to settle in and immerse themselves in the refined atmosphere. Marble and concrete surfaces, complemented by the industrial-inspired lighting, create a harmonious blend of modern and timeless elements.

A Destination for Collaboration and Inspiration

Beyond the captivating visuals, The Sapphire Club is designed to foster productivity and collaboration. The flexible layout allows for a variety of uses, from private focus sessions to client meetings and team-building events. The seamless integration of technology and thoughtful spatial planning ensure that tenants can efficiently transition between tasks, elevating the overall workday experience.

As the crown jewel of 1WSQ, The Sapphire Club stands as a testament to Vocon’s mastery of design. By seamlessly integrating the building’s architectural language into the interior, the team has created a space that is not only visually stunning but also strategically tailored to the needs of modern professionals. This amenity-rich oasis is set to redefine the standard of workplace luxury, offering tenants a sanctuary of productivity, relaxation, and inspiration within the vibrant Brooklyn landscape.

Photography courtesy of Vocon
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- by Matt Watts