Florida Winter Retreat: Coastal Contemporary House in Florida

A well-maintained tropical home with a lush yard, palm trees, and a chic, modern exterior.

Larson Architecture Works, a renowned Florida-based design firm, has unveiled their latest masterpiece – the stunning Florida Winter Retreat. This exquisite house, designed in 2021, seamlessly blends modern elegance with the serene beauty of its coastal setting. Featuring a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, this single-family residence exemplifies the firm’s commitment to creating exceptional living spaces that harmonize with their natural surroundings.

Alpine Chalet CPL: Rustic Meets Modern in Montreux

A rustic wooden chalet with a gabled roof and a balcony, set in a mountainous landscape.

The Alpine Chalet CPL in Montreux, Switzerland, designed by Ralph Germann Architectes, showcases a stunning fusion of traditional mountain architecture and contemporary design. Originally built in 1830, this rural building has been expertly transformed into a modern haven, preserving the property’s historic charm while incorporating raw materials like concrete and lime plaster. The design emphasizes a neutral setting to showcase the clients’ artwork and antique furniture, with a large horizontal window offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Villa V: A Sustainable Oasis on the Hills of Lombok

Sleek modern villa with open-concept design, infinity pool, and lush tropical surroundings.

Located in the lush landscapes of Indonesia, the Villa V by Atelier Alejandro Borrego is a stunning house that seamlessly blends modern design with the natural surroundings. Designed in 2023, this residential project is a testament to the interplay between architectural spaces, creating a light and fluid roof supported by a metallic canopy that protects against the region’s heavy rain and sun.

The V house’s open design maximizes views from all parts of the structure, complemented by the contrast of dark Ulin wood, sand-colored cement floors, and simple straight lines, resulting in a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

Freebird: Transformative Indonesian House Design

FeaturedLush tropical garden surrounds modern pool house with expansive wooden deck and seating area.

Boasting a striking ‘H’-shaped layout, the captivating Freebird residence in Indonesia, designed by Alexis Dornier in 2023, seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor living. Featuring a living room suspended above the swimming pool, this transformative space showcases retractable glass walls that blur the boundaries between the home and its lush tropical surroundings. Sustainability is a cornerstone of the design, with the expertise of Eco Mantra significantly reducing the property’s energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Chalet Ladinia: Rustic Luxury in the Italian Alps

FeaturedA cozy, rustic living room with a central fireplace and recessed lighting in a wooden cabin.

Chalet Ladinia, a stunning mountain retreat in the heart of Corvara, Italy, has recently undergone a complete transformation under the skilled direction of renowned designer Emanuel Kostner. This welcoming chalet, crafted with attention to detail and a touch of modern elegance, offers a luxurious escape amidst the breathtaking Italian Alps. Discover the perfect balance of rustic charm and contemporary design in this architectural masterpiece, designed to provide the ultimate in mountain-inspired comfort and style.

Chestnut Hill House: Dramatic Renovation Transforms Dated Home

FeaturedA modern home with expansive windows, a pool, and lush greenery surrounding it.

This stunning Newton, MA home underwent a remarkable transformation at the hands of Walker Architects, resulting in a modern masterpiece that seamlessly blends functionality and style. The Chestnut Hill House, originally a dated and incongruous property, was thoughtfully renovated to create a spacious living room, playroom, home office, and guest quarters, all connected by a dramatic open staircase.

The crowning jewel of the project is the new high-performance kitchen, which opens up to a stunning 14-foot tall modern sunroom, establishing a harmonious connection with the beautifully landscaped backyard.

CX House: Sleek Modernist Redesign in Mexico City

FeaturedA spacious, warmly-lit living room with a wooden ceiling and floor-to-ceiling shelving.

Designed by the esteemed Mexican architecture firm Weber Arquitectos, the CX House in Mexico City’s Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood undergoes a remarkable transformation. This 2022 residential project seamlessly blends modern design with the homeowners’ artistic sensibilities, creating a harmonious living space that caters to both daily family life and entertaining guests.

Tiers am Rosengarten: A Masterpiece of Naturalness in Tiers

Rustic cabin interior with vaulted wooden ceiling, cozy fireplace, and modern kitchen.

Designed by G22 Projects, the Tiers am Rosengarten House in Tiers, Italy, is a private apartment that showcases the beauty of natural materials. This 2023 project features a masterful use of larch wood, with the upper kitchen cabinets being particularly noteworthy. Crafted from toned larch strips and gently brushed, they offer a unique aesthetic experience that seamlessly blends the apartment’s interior with the surrounding natural landscape.