Peach Blossom Land Villa: Exploring Multi-functional Design in a House

A contemporary living room with sleek furniture, stone accents, and warm lighting.

Peach Blossom Land Villa, designed by Mountain Soil in 2023, epitomizes modern minimalism in a spacious Yiwu, China setting. This four-story house spans 510 square meters (5,490 square feet), ingeniously blending everyday functionality with personalised aesthetic choices. The design emphasizes flexible living areas and intricate spatial interactions, fostering a serene and luxurious residential environment for occupants.

Somesuch 2.0: Exploring Innovative Office Spaces

A modern, open-concept space with a mix of wood, concrete, and bright green accents.

Somesuch 2.0, designed by Bureau de Change in 2023, illustrates a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality in a UK office setting. This office space transforms traditional work environments with polished slate floors, extensive glazing for natural light, and innovative private workspaces. Its design promotes both collaborative and concentrated work experiences, making it an epitome of modern office architecture.

Ave Duchastel Residence Mid-Century: A 1950s House Transformed

FeaturedTwo-story modern wooden house with large glass windows, outdoor dining area, and lush landscaping.

Discover the Ave Duchastel Residence Mid-Century, designed by Salem Architecture in 2023 and located in Outremont, Montreal, Canada. This house embodies a remarkable transformation of a 1950s architecture, blending mid-century design with modern Scandinavian and Japanese influences. The property boasts expansive living spaces and a profound connection to the surrounding natural environment, making it a serene urban retreat.

Small yet Exclusive: Maximizing Space with Italian Flair

Minimalist living room with grey sofa, black coffee table, and modern wall decor.

Discover “Small yet Exclusive,” an apartment in Piacenza, Italy, designed by Roberto Guglielmetti. This space epitomizes the seamless integration of function and luxury in a compact setting. Employing smart technology and innovative space solutions, it reflects a unique blend of modern and classic styles, transforming limited square footage into a lavish living experience.

Pediatric Ward of Hospital São João: Colorful Child Healing Spaces

Vibrant yellow-toned interior with built-in shelving, circular window, and minimalist furniture.

Explore the Pediatric Ward of Hospital São João in Porto, designed by ARG Studio in 2022. This hospital project redefines pediatric healthcare with its engaging social spaces and compelling use of color and illustration. Designed to boost well-being and comfort, each area is tailored to provide young patients with a healing environment enhanced by artful design and interactive installations.

CH2404: Redefining Modern Living Spaces in Taipei

Modern, minimalist living room with sleek furniture, pendant lights, and wood floors.

Discover CH2404, a pinnacle of modern apartment design in Taipei, Taiwan, crafted by C.H. Interior. This property exemplifies contemporary elegance, integrating seamless functionality within its spacious interiors. Light floods the open-plan living spaces, punctuated by sleek, minimalist decor and top-notch amenities that promise both comfort and luxury. Ideal for those who appreciate refined urban living with a serene, stylish backdrop.

Lookout House: Exposed Concrete Meets Natural Light

Modern concrete structure with clean lines, greenery, and a person on the rooftop.

Discover Valencia’s captivating Lookout House, a 2022 creation by ERRE arquitectura. Perfectly poised in Spain’s serene outskirts, this property embodies modern architecture with its exposed concrete structure that seamlessly blends with the natural terrain. Inside, the home’s layout maximizes natural light and fosters continuous indoor-outdoor connectivity with elegant cherry oak wood finishes and expansive glass openings. This house is a model of contemporary living enhanced by thoughtful landscape integration.

Turtle Bay Hua Hin Eco Luxe: The Art of Sustainable Spa Design

Dome-shaped structures with wooden accents and a pond in a lush tropical setting.

Discover Turtle Bay Hua Hin Eco Luxe, a sustainable wellness/spa retreat in Hua-Hin, Thailand, designed by Dersyn Studio in 2021. Inspired by the natural serenity of Khao Tao Reservoir, this project intricately weaves local materials and eco-innovative practices into its luxurious design, embodying a perfect sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation, all while preserving the local wildlife and landscape.