Cool Flat for a Young Family: Harmonious Interiors in Vancouver

Sleek living space with large windows, city view, and minimalist decor.

Located in the heart of Vancouver, Canada, the Cool Flat for a Young Family is a masterpiece of interior design by Peter Wilds Design. Designed in 2023, this apartment combines modern elegance with classic touches, showcasing innovative storage solutions, a curated selection of sculptural furniture, and a bright atmospheric design. Its unique blend of styles, shapes, and eras underlines a cool modern edge, suitable for the dynamic lifestyle of a young, active family.

Brigadeiro Apartment: Inside Curitiba’s Modernized 1970s Gem

Modern living room with minimalist furniture and white curtains.

The Brigadeiro Apartment in Curitiba, Brazil, revitalized by Leandro Garcia in 2023, exemplifies a harmonious blend of nostalgia and contemporary design. Originally a vibrant family home in the 1980s, it has been transformed into a spacious, light-filled dwelling. The renovation preserved its 1970s essence, such as original parquet floors, while introducing modern materials and an expansive social area. This real estate piece now serves as a creative retreat for its architect residents, showcasing a unique blend of vintage finds and custom-designed elements.

Tangram House: How Twobo Reimagined a 1970s Home

Contemporary living space with orange pendant lamp and green tile accents.

Discover the Tangram House in Barcelona, Spain, a stunning representation of 1970s elegance merged with contemporary design. Designed by Twobo in 2022, this house showcases innovative use of geometric shapes to craft living spaces that promise freedom and fluidity. From its historical roots to the modern reinterpretation, every detail celebrates the original architecture while inviting new possibilities for living.

Casa Akai: Unveiling Luxury Beachfront Living in Punta Mita

FeaturedLuxurious seaside infinity pool with thatched pavilion and lounge chairs.

Discover the allure of Casa Akai, a beach house masterpiece designed by Joaquin Homs, nestled in Punta de Mita, Mexico. This 2023 creation within the prestigious La Punta Estates blends architectural grace with innovative design, providing breathtaking ocean views and luxury across 1800 square meters. Casa Akai represents the pinnacle of oceanfront living, featuring unique spaces like game rooms and home theatres, and striking views from every angle.

Say Goodbye to Clogs: Expert Tips for Preventing Blocked Drains

A bright, white kitchen with red cookware and floating shelves.

Blocked drains are one of the most common issues that homeowners face, if not addressed promptly, they can be inconvenient and expensive problems. True Flow Plumbing and Drains, known for their expert closed drain plumbing services shed light on the necessary steps to take to prevent and fix this issue, ensuring that your home plumbing system is still in superior condition. To prevent the blocked drains or fix the already existing problem immediately, you can read our useful blog and learn what you should do in such cases.

Casa Ópera: Where Minimalism Meets Elegance in Architecture

Minimalist kitchen with concrete ceiling, wooden furniture, and floor-to-ceiling windows

Casa Ópera, designed by DANA Arquitectos in 2023, redefines modern living in Zaragoza, Spain. This single-family house showcases the elegance of concrete, emphasizing seamless indoor-outdoor transitions. Its unique open roof and exquisite textures invite an exploration of contemporary architectural marvels, offering a glimpse into a harmoniously designed living space.

Diamond ADU: A Modern Take on Sonoma Wine Country Homes

Modern living room with large windows and nature view.

Discover Diamond ADU by S^A | Schwartz and Architecture, a pioneering private house nestled in Sonoma, CA. Designed in 2022, this accessory dwelling unit marries the rustic charm of dilapidated farm structures with modern-day elegance and functionality, transforming the concept of the modern farmhouse. Through strategic design, it integrates seamlessly into the landscape, promising a unique blend of historical reverence and contemporary living.

Aurora House: A One-Level Marvel in Brazilian Architecture

FeaturedContemporary house with patterned concrete wall and flat roof.

Aurora House, designed by Nommo Arquitetos in 2022, stands as a private haven in Pinhais, Brazil. This ground-level residence, embracing an “L” configuration, showcases a delicate balance between social and private spaces, wrapped in exposed concrete and enriched by local Araucarias. The design, focusing on natural ventilation, thermal protection, and integration with the surroundings, offers a unique living experience that highlights the beauty of the Serra do Mar.