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Project Rise: Contemporary Steel and Wood House Renovation

FeaturedContemporary house facade at dusk with wooden garage door.

Discover the allure of Project Rise by Nico van der Meulen Architects, a modern house renovation in Morningside, Johannesburg. This contemporary design incorporates steel and wood elements, creating a seamless blend of form and function. The double volume lounge space and open living areas offer a perfect integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, ideal for relaxation and entertainment, designed in 2023.

Apartment Powisle: Redefining Modern Living in Warsaw

FeaturedModern living room with a gray sofa, orange chair, and large windows.

Discover Apartment Powisle, a modern masterpiece designed by Indoor in 2022, nestled in Warsaw, Poland. This apartment embodies contemporary elegance, from its artful living spaces to the sophisticated kitchen and tranquil bedroom. Designed with luxury and comfort in mind, every corner tells a story of upscale urban living, making it a pinnacle of modern real estate.

Villa Rooftop Haven: A Modern Oasis in Palermo’s Heart

Contemporary living space with minimalist design and exposed ceiling beams.

Villa Rooftop Haven, designed by La Leta Architettura and located in Palermo, Italy, stands as a beacon of modern luxury in a historic setting. This apartment, unfolding over 165 square meters on a building’s top floor, showcases a blend of architectural ingenuity with breathtaking views, including the iconic San Francesco di Paola’s bell tower. The design elegantly navigates the space with high ceilings and structural elements, setting a new benchmark in contemporary living.

Hradby House: Where History Meets Modern Luxury

FeaturedModern living room with arched ceiling, gray tones, fireplace, and sleek furniture

Discover the Hradby House in the Czech Republic, designed by OOOOX in 2023. This house masterfully combines historical architectural elements with modern interior design, showcasing a luxurious living space that harmonizes the old and the new. With its preserved ancient walls juxtaposed against contemporary decor, this residence sets a new standard for modern living within a historical context.

Wave Apartment: Transforming Spaces with Organic Design Elements

Modern living room with ocean view, blue sofa, and open kitchen.

Discover the Wave Apartment, a reimagined space by Ricardo Miguel Ribeiro in Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal. This 2023 apartment design marries the tranquility of the ocean with innovative spatial organization. Through a unique “wave” wall and strategically placed furniture, including a boat window-inspired mirror, it captures and internalizes the majestic seafront vistas into every corner, offering a serene living experience enhanced by coherent design choices in materials and color palettes.

Apartment in Posillipo: Inside Naples’ Luxurious Sea-view Living

FeaturedModern living room with large dining table, sofa, and blue accent wall.

Discover the exceptional design of Apartment in Posillipo, a masterpiece by Nabi Interior Design located in Naples, Italy. This luxurious apartment combines natural elegance with contemporary finesse, showcasing exclusive furniture, prestigious materials like Antolini® natural stones, and breathtaking views of Capri.

Designed in 2022, it redefines modern living with its unique blend of artistry and innovation.