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Tanatap Canopy Garden: Fostering Sustainable Community in Bekasi

Striking red-toned architectural structure with stepped seating and lush landscaping.

Tanatap Canopy Garden, a captivating restaurant project designed by RAD+ar, is a testament to the harmonious blending of indoor and outdoor living experiences. Located in Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia, this 2022 design celebrates the region’s tropical environment through a seamless integration of architecture and nature.

The building’s floating, multi-axial concrete structure creates a series of seating areas on the roof, shaping the ground floor space as an extension of the lush, surrounding garden. With a focus on passive, low-energy design, the Canopy Garden project showcases the possibilities of sustainable commercial development in tropical climates.

Hotel Le Dune Piscinas: Sustainable Luxury on the Italian Coast

Warm-toned stucco exterior with tiled roof, wooden deck, and minimalist furnishings.

The Hotel Le Dune Piscinas, designed by the acclaimed PL-AG Studio, is a captivating project located in Ingurtosu, Italy. This hotel, set within the Ingurtosu mining park and the protected natural park of the Piscinas dunes, directly on the beach and surrounded by the tallest dunes in Europe, offers guests an immersive and engaging scenographic experience. The designers have skillfully blended conservative restoration and new construction to create a harmonious and comfortable hotel that celebrates the unique natural surroundings.

Kanemitsusyuzo: Preserving Sake Brewing Tradition in Hiroshima

A modern, minimalist-style Japanese building with an arched entrance and large windows overlooking a courtyard.

Fathom‘s renovation of the Kanemitsusyuzo sake brewery in Hiroshima, Japan, beautifully blends tradition and modernity. This 2021 project breathes new life into the 123-year-old brewery, preserving its historic architecture while introducing contemporary design elements.

From the interplay of materials like burnt cedar, plaster, and red brick to the organic R-line that expresses the vibrancy of the brewing process, this sake tasting room and retail space pays homage to the brewery’s rich heritage while welcoming a new generation of visitors.

Ponte House: Hanging Hillside Residence in Florianópolis

Expansive modern structure with sleek roof, balcony, and natural stone elements around pool.

Situated on the captivating island of Florianópolis in southern Brazil, the Ponte House by TETRO Arquitetura is a residential masterpiece that seamlessly blends with its breathtaking natural surroundings. Designed in 2024, this striking house takes inspiration from the iconic Hercílio Luz Bridge, integrating its steel and perforated sheet elements to create a harmonious architectural expression that transcends the functional aspects of a typical home.

House in Guardamar del Segura: Maximizing Natural Light

Modern open-concept interior with wooden table, metal stairs, and balcony view.

This stunning house in Guardamar del Segura, designed by renowned architect Bernardo Cerrato, showcases a clever solution to the challenges posed by the narrow plot.

Located in Alicante, Spain, the 2022 project features a central courtyard that serves as the key element, allowing natural light and ventilation to reach all the main rooms. The inverted floor plan, with private spaces on the first floor and the day area on the second, demonstrates the designer’s thoughtful approach to balancing functionality and comfort.

Wooncoöperatie de Warren: Pioneering Collective Living in Amsterdam

FeaturedSpacious, modern interior with wooden structures, cozy seating, and decorative elements.

Situated on the Centrumeiland in Amsterdam, the Wooncoöperatie de Warren is a pioneering cooperative housing project designed by Natrufied Architecture in 2022. This 36-apartment development offers social and affordable rental housing, boasting an impressive ‘EPC’ rating of -0.16, making it an energy-positive building.

With its wood construction, material reuse, and focus on sustainable and cost-effective urban living, De Warren is setting new standards for cooperative living in the Netherlands.

CR House: Elevated Design with Golf Course Views in Nordelta

FeaturedA modern, multi-level building with stone foundation, wood and concrete accents, and lush landscaping.

CR House, designed by remyarchitects, is a stunning residential project located in Nordelta, Buenos Aires, Argentina. This contemporary house showcases a thoughtful integration of the exterior landscape and the interior spaces, creating a harmonious living experience.

Featuring a facade defined by intertwining volumes and green spaces, the home offers uninterrupted views of the adjacent golf course from the elevated social areas. The design separates the private and recreational zones, with the lower level dedicated to outdoor living and the upper floors housing the bedrooms and a multipurpose space with a terrace overlooking the golf course.

Earth and Glass House: Weekend Retreat Designed by Studio Lotus

Covered walkway leading to a modern, wooden-clad building surrounded by lush greenery.

Embracing the Synergy of Earth and Glass: Explore the Captivating Weekend Retreat in New Delhi Designed by Studio Lotus. This innovative house, situated in the leafy suburbs of India’s capital, seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living, offering its residents a sanctuary to unwind and reconnect with nature. Featuring a harmonious interplay of rammed earth, steel, and concrete, the Earth and Glass House exemplifies a thoughtful design approach that prioritizes both aesthetics and functionality.