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Villa Vela: Reimagining Lakeside Living in Torri del Benaco

Modern lakeside villa with stone façade, glass balcony, and expansive lawn overlooking mountains.

Blending contemporary elegance with timeless regional elements, Villa Vela in Torri del Benaco, Italy, showcases the exceptional design prowess of a3lier architettura. This striking house, built in 2023, features a unique interplay of pure volumes, robust stone walls, and sleek metal accents that seamlessly integrate with the picturesque Lake Garda landscape. Designed as a semi-detached villa, the project presents a thoughtful balance of modern and traditional architectural approaches, creating a captivating residential gem.

Monolot Offices: A Minimalist Industrial Transformation in Prague

Large modern workspace with concrete ceiling, metallic shelves, and wooden panels.

Monolot Studio’s expansion into a former electrical cable factory in Prague’s Holešovice district showcases a stunning transformation. Designed by Anna Koukolová Architekti in 2023, the Monolot Offices project features a minimalist industrial aesthetic with whitewashed brick walls and metal accents. The conversion of the original production hall into a modern workspace highlights the designers’ expertise in seamlessly blending old and new elements.

House 006: Sustainable and Modular Architecture in Orinda

Modern, sleek home with large windows, wood accents, and a surrounding garden in a wooded setting.

Connect Homes, a leading architecture firm, has designed House 006, a captivating residential project located in Orinda, California, United States. This modern masterpiece combines a Connect 8 primary residence with a complementary Connect 2 guesthouse/ADU, creating a harmonious and versatile living space. Showcasing the firm’s expertise in contemporary design, House 006 blends seamless functionality with a sleek aesthetic, making it a must-see for architecture and interior design enthusiasts.

House 018: Sustainable Architecture Meets Stunning Scenery

Modern, minimalist home with large glass windows, covered patio, and natural landscaping.

Connect Homes‘ stunning House 018, located in the picturesque town of Santa Ynez, California, is a true architectural masterpiece. Designed in 2018, this contemporary house showcases the firm’s innovative approach to residential design, blending sleek lines, ample natural light, and seamless indoor-outdoor living. With its thoughtful layout and carefully curated furnishings, House 018 offers a harmonious balance between form and function, catering to the needs of modern homeowners seeking a refined and comfortable living experience.

House 022: A Connect Homes Modern Residence in Los Angeles

A modern, dark-colored two-story home with large windows, a well-landscaped yard, and a minimalist design.

Connect HomesHouse 022, a stunning example of modern architectural design, is nestled in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, United States. This 2018 residential project, a Connect 6T model, showcases the brand’s commitment to sustainable and innovative home design. Crafted with a keen eye for detail and a focus on functional elegance, House 022 seamlessly blends its contemporary aesthetic with the surrounding West Los Angeles landscape, creating a harmonious living experience for its residents.

Kristy – Hughesdale House: Sustainable Design for a Growing Family

Contemporary home with sleek black exterior, open-plan layout, and lush landscaping.

Eckersley ArchitectsKristy – Hughesdale House in Melbourne, Australia, showcases a stunning single-level extension to a Victorian weatherboard, seamlessly blending modern design with the property’s historical charm. Designed in 2020, this family-friendly house features an open living space that effortlessly connects to the large backyard, addressing the homeowners’ need for additional space. The strategic placement of skylights and the use of robust materials, such as concrete, natural stone, and timber, create a harmonious and low-maintenance interior, while the structure’s flexible design allows for future expansion with a second level.