Villa Elu and Villa Nalani: Blending Tropical Design and Nature

Instinto Estudio, the renowned architecture firm, has unveiled two stunning villas nestled in the breathtaking coastal region of Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Designed in 2024, Villa Elu and Villa Nalani seamlessly blend modern elegance with the natural charm of the surrounding landscape.

Featuring glass, honey-colored wood, and open spaces, these captivating houses offer an immersive experience that harmonizes with the lush tropical setting.

Tropical-inspired wooden pavilion with lush greenery and a grand entrance.
A modern, open-concept home with a pool, lush greenery, and an expansive terrace.
Outdoor patio with modern wooden beams, sleek furniture, and lush green foliage.
Striking modern structure with expansive wooden roof and large glass walls overlooking nature.
Striking modern interior with lush tropical foliage, wooden beams, and sculptural stairs.
A tranquil, open-air bedroom surrounded by lush tropical greenery and thoughtful design.
Striking wood and glass structure, with lush indoor greenery and modern furniture.
A contemporary outdoor living space with a sleek infinity pool overlooking a lush jungle.
Striking wooden structure with a large overhanging roof and tropical landscaping.

About Villa Elu and Villa Nalani

Nestled on the picturesque hillside of Puntarenas, Costa Rica, two stunning structures emerge—Villa Nalani and Villa Elu. Designed by Instinto Estudio in 2024, these houses seamlessly blend modern elegance with the breathtaking natural beauty of the surrounding environment.

Harmonizing with Nature

Perched above the alluring Playa Hermosa, these villas showcase a design ethos that prioritizes the harmonious integration of architecture and nature. Crafted with glass, honey-colored wood, and wide-open spaces, the structures reflect the golden sands and rolling waves that characterize the captivating coastal backdrop.

Bespoke Integration

Instinto Estudio’s architects carefully considered the unique features of the terrain to create structures tailored to their specific location. From the sun’s path and wind patterns to the particularities of the mountainous landscape, every design element was meticulously planned to ensure the villas seamlessly blended into the lush tropical setting.

Sustainable Sanctuary

The grandiose roofs of Villa Nalani and Villa Elu not only offer protection from the elements but also serve as a sanctuary for an entire ecosystem. By breaking down the mass under each roof, the architects enabled controlled natural light and the enjoyment of both sunrise and sunset, while also providing shelter from the daytime heat.

Embracing Local Identity

Committed to sustainability and fostering a connection with the community, Instinto Estudio opted for locally sourced materials. This approach not only reduced the environmental impact but also allowed the villas to integrate seamlessly into the vibrant culture of the region.

A Captivating Blend

Villa Nalani and Villa Elu are not mere additions to the area; they are the embodiment of Santa Teresa’s allure. Designed to blend into the jungle and withstand the mountainous terrain, these structures offer a captivating fusion of modern comfort and the rugged charm of the external environment.

With their effortless integration into the landscape and their commitment to sustainability, Villa Nalani and Villa Elu stand as beautiful gems in an already breathtaking crown. Inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the natural splendor of Costa Rica, these villas promise an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Photography by Roberto D`Ambrosio
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- by Matt Watts