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Valladolid Project: The Art of Integrating Home with Nature in Madrid

Modern kitchen and dining area with white cabinets, wooden table, and pendant lights.

Discover the Valladolid Project, a stunning initiative by Ábaton located in Madrid, Spain. This private house is a masterpiece of design, reflecting a comfortable living space spread across a single floor for family gatherings. Designed in 2022, the home features an integration of indoor and outdoor environments, emphasizing natural light and energy efficiency.

The architectural simplicity and interior design showcase timeless materials, illustrating a perfect harmony between modern living and nature.

House of a Filmmaker: Transforming Duplex Villa into a Creative Sanctuary

Modern living room with pink and tan furniture, large painting, and skylight

Designed by Fon Studio and located in China, the House of a Filmmaker presents a revolutionary approach to duplex villa living. Not just a house, but a “Life Studio,” it stands as a tribute to the owner’s creative pursuits. Through meticulous site transformation, this residence blurs the lines between chance and imagination, infusing every nook with stories and emotions. Engage with a space where indoor and outdoor seamlessly mingle, elevated by Fon Studio‘s signature warm, textural interplay.

Echo House: Unveiling Architectural Brilliance in Elysian Heights

Bright living room with large windows, stylish furnishings, and chevron wood flooring.

Discover Echo House, a modern private house designed by Aaron Neubert Architects in 2019, located in Los Angeles, CA. This architectural gem blends seamlessly with its Elysian Heights environment, offering stunning downtown views and a harmonic indoor-outdoor living experience. From its strategic staggered volumes to the mesmerizing dialogue between its interiors and the surrounding landscapes, Echo House redefines contemporary living.