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Austin Nichols Penthouse: The Ultimate Family-Friendly Pied-à-Terre

Contemporary living room with neutral tones and minimalist design.

Discover the exquisite Austin Nichols Penthouse, a luxurious apartment nestled along the East River waterfront in Brooklyn, NY. Designed by MA | Morris Adjmi Architects in 2021, this modern and masculine space blends industrial elements with dark woods and natural stone, creating a tranquil home perfect for family gatherings. With sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline, this family-friendly pied-à-terre boasts a bespoke design that harmonizes contemporary trends with the building’s historic concrete structure.

Tietz House: Sustainable Design Harmony in Historic Blackheath

A barn-style house with a prominent arched window, surrounded by autumn trees.

Nestled in historic Blackheath, New South Wales, the Tietz House, designed by Design King Company in 2022, seamlessly blends modernity with the rural charm of the area. This residential project features a sustainable design approach, utilizing hardwood timber cladding and cementitious panels to harmonize with the surroundings. With a focus on capturing natural light and expansive views of the Kanimbla Valley, this house offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ideal for both relaxation and connection to the picturesque landscape.

Project Rise: Contemporary Steel and Wood House Renovation

FeaturedContemporary house facade at dusk with wooden garage door.

Discover the allure of Project Rise by Nico van der Meulen Architects, a modern house renovation in Morningside, Johannesburg. This contemporary design incorporates steel and wood elements, creating a seamless blend of form and function. The double volume lounge space and open living areas offer a perfect integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, ideal for relaxation and entertainment, designed in 2023.

The Courtyard Residence: A Modern Concrete Marvel in Cremorne

Modern concrete house with geometric design and large windows.

The Courtyard Residence, designed by FGR Architects in 2022, is a picturesque house nestled in Cremorne, Australia, that showcases a seamless blend of concrete architecture and glass elements. This real estate marvel adopts a Mediterranean courtyard model for enhanced privacy and a sophisticated living experience, blending indoor and outdoor spaces with a minimalist yet warm material palette. With its emphasis on light, shadow, and spatial flow, the house offers a unique living environment that is both functional and aesthetically captivating.

Perla Negra House: Eco-Friendly Design Meets Luxury

FeaturedModern forest cabins connected by a wooden walkway.

Discover the Perla Negra House in Puerto Carrillo, Costa Rica, designed by Salagnac Arquitectos in 2023. This private house epitomizes mimetic architecture, harmoniously blending with its coastal forest setting through innovative design and sustainable material use. With its dark, elegant aesthetics and efficient cross ventilation, it redefines luxury in harmony with nature.

Seattle Scandinavian: Modern Scandinavian House in Seattle

FeaturedContemporary two-story home with mixed-material facade and warm lighting.

Unveiling the Seattle Scandinavian: a private house masterfully designed by First Lamp Architects in 2020, located in Seattle, WA, United States. This unique residence marries the elegance of Scandinavian design with the distinct character of its Seattle neighborhood, reflecting the homeowners’ vision through key elements like a captivating screen wall and a contemporary fireplace.

Lake Tapps Residence: Architectural Elegance Meets Mount Rainier Views

FeaturedModern house with illuminated windows at twilight, surrounded by trees.

Unveiling the Lake Tapps Residence, a private home in Pierce County, WA, designed by First Lamp Architects in 2023. This architectural masterpiece stands on a steep slope, harmoniously integrating with the natural landscape to offer breathtaking views of Lake Tapps and Mount Rainier, embodying a connection with nature through its material choice and innovative window designs.

House Clancy: A Sustainable Living Vision Overlooking Kinsale Harbour

FeaturedModern house with large glass windows and flat roof at dusk.

Discover House Clancy in Kinsale, Ireland, a private residence reimagined by Conneely Wessels Architects in 2022. This architectural marvel, replacing an outdated bungalow, blends sustainability with modern living standards through its unique pavilion design. Focused on energy efficiency and seamless landscape assimilation, it offers an innovative living space that harmonizes with its surroundings, showcasing breathtaking views over Kinsale Harbour.