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Beach House: Where Modern Meets the Sea

Modern living room with large windows, minimalistic furniture, and an ocean view.

Experience the epitome of coastal luxury with Beach House, a contemporary home masterfully crafted by Claudia Lambert Interiors in 2022. Set in the serene backdrop of Southern Australia, this house epitomizes the harmony of mid-century modern design with today’s lifestyle.

Each corner offers a visual delight, from sleek lines framing the ocean view to the playful yet elegant interior touches that make the space both functional and aesthetically groundbreaking.

Ardmore Residence: A Coastal Cottage’s Modern Makeover

FeaturedModern open-plan living space with kitchen, living area, and outdoor deck.

Experience the Ardmore Residence, a 1951 Hermosa Beach cottage, reborn under Ballentine Architects. This two-phase renovation marries the original charm with modern sophistication, featuring an open-concept layout and a striking blend of natural elements and contemporary finishes. A true exemplar of coastal modern design, the Ardmore Residence redefines beachside living.

Santa Cruz Overlook: A Coastal Retreat by Walker Warner

FeaturedSanta Cruz Overlook: A Coastal Retreat by Walker Warner

Explore the Santa Cruz Overlook, a Walker Warner-designed weekend retreat in California. Blending into the Pacific coastline with a muted palette and native plants, this beach-style home offers stunning ocean views. Inside, its nautical design features exposed rafters and a fresh white and sea blue palette, complete with whimsical touches and surfboard storage for beach adventures.

Comporta 107: A Modern Beach Retreat by dEMM Arquitectura

FeaturedComporta 107: A Modern Beach Retreat by dEMM Arquitectura

Discover Comporta 107, an architectural gem by Demm Arquitectura in Comporta, Portugal. This modern beach house effortlessly captures the essence of its surroundings, from the pristine beaches to the verdant pine forests.

Nestled amid sand dunes and flanked by rice fields, its design beautifully merges the outdoors with the indoors, using materials like exposed concrete, textured wood, and sand-colored natural stones adorned with fossil imprints. Experience a flawless blend of nature and luxury where each space is purposefully crafted to bring the raw beauty of Comporta’s landscape right into your living room.

Warton Residence: A Grand Revival of a 1960s Beach House

FeaturedWarton Residence: A Grand Revival of a 1960s Beach House

Experience the magnificent transformation of the Warton Residence, a three-story house in Perth, Australia. Carefully curated by Cast Studio in 2022, this contemporary house retains the charm of its 1960s roots.

Set in the serene vicinity of South Cottesloe beach, the home, once a beige brick ‘renovator’s delight’, has been reinvented into a coastal gem, thoughtfully blending privacy and the luxury of natural light.

Casamar Housing Complex: Beachfront Getaway in Peru

Casamar Housing Complex: Beachfront Getaway in Peru

Perched on the Northern Peruvian Sea in Zorritos, Peru, Casamar Housing Complex is a beachfront real estate designed by Cuatro Cero Cuatro Arquitectura in 2022. This beach retreat was the dream of five friends who wanted a place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, so they divided a parcel of land into five homogenous units, all 8 meters by 100 meters. The complex, known as Casa M1, is designed with complete privacy between each unit and utilizes thermodynamics to combat the equatorial climate. Natural light streams through overhead lights, while balconies draw cool air from the wide southwest void, making it an inviting and pleasant place to stay.

Chalet_A: A Cozy and Sustainable Getaway in Estrie, Canada

Chalet_A: A Cozy and Sustainable Getaway in Estrie, Canada

Introducing Chalet_A, an exquisitely renovated 3-seasons beach house located in Estrie, Canada near Montréal. Originally an A-frame cottage built in the 1950s, Matière Première Architecture and its construction company, Nu Drom, were tasked with bringing this historic structure into the 21st century.

Described as a cozy, intimate experience, the design embraces lighter tones of white and sage, along with casual furnishings, to create a relaxed atmosphere. Local, sustainable materials were used to promote controlled aging of the cabin, while an ecological approach was taken to protect the natural landscape.

Cadboro Bay House by Falken Reynolds Interiors

FeaturedCadboro Bay House by Falken Reynolds Interiors

Step into the modern beach house Cadboro Bay House located in Victoria, Australia, and be enchanted by the minimalistic design of this contemporary home. Designed by Falken Reynolds Interiors in 2021, this stunning beach house features an array of local and Canadian craftspeople, creating a unique atmosphere with its driftwood-inspired wood tones, concrete floors, marble and quartz surfaces, and decorative lighting from Vancouver manufacturers Bocci & And Light, and Edmonton based Tomnuk.

Every window maximizes the stunning views of the bay, while the board formed concrete stair guard, sloping angle, and glass guard on the top create a textured background with a patinaed steel handrail. Furthermore, light oak millwork, light hemlock ceilings, and red cedar siding all contribute to a calming effect. Cadboro Bay House is a one-of-a-kind beach house, perfect for an active lifestyle and a gallery for an extensive collection of modernist Canadian art.