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Casa Veredas Simonetto: Artisanal Touches and Sustainable Design

A modern, minimalist living space with a vibrant orange accent wall and geometric furniture.

Discover the enchanting Casa Veredas Simonetto, a 120m2 house in São Paulo, Brazil, designed by architect Gabriel Fernandes in 2024. Featuring a seamless blend of contemporary and rustic elements, this project showcases Simonetto’s expertise in high-level customization, including a stunning 2,500-niche white and beige shelving system that pays homage to traditional Brazilian construction techniques.

Louzada House: Serene Coastal Retreat in Tramandaí

FeaturedA modern, single-story building with a sloped roof, brick walls, and a wooden entrance.

Galeria 733‘s stunning Louzada House, located in Tramandaí, Brazil, seamlessly blends contemporary design with the region’s natural beauty. This private, secluded house maximizes views of the surrounding lush vegetation and expansive lagoon, creating a harmonious relationship between architecture and the environment. Featuring a distinctive mix of exposed concrete, brick, and natural wood, the design evokes both beach house and country estate sensibilities.

Old Barn: Rustic Italian Retreat by Angelo Luigi Tartaglia

Rustic wooden beams, white walls, modern furnishings, and a cozy fireplace create a warm, inviting space.

This stunning renovation of an old barn in Vetralla, Italy, by the Angelo Luigi Tartaglia Studio, showcases a captivating blend of contemporary design and historical charm. Transformed into a weekend house, the single-volume structure now features two distinct sleeping areas with mezzanines, custom-designed kitchens and wardrobes, and a striking fireplace wall clad in copper-colored accents. The design seamlessly integrates the home’s original chestnut wood beams and larch flooring with modern amenities, creating a harmonious and comfortable living space.

Big Wood River: Idaho’s Ranch-Style Architectural Gem

Warm, rustic interior with stone fireplace, wood-paneled ceiling, and plush seating.

Step into the Big Wood River house in Idaho, designed by Walker Warner, where ranch-style architecture blends seamlessly with the natural landscape. This home features breezeways that transition from open-air to glass-enclosed, surrounding a courtyard with views of the Boulder Mountains. The use of locally-sourced materials and colors that echo the surrounding valley creates a peaceful, enduring connection to nature, highlighted by an infinity pool mirroring the vast Idaho sky.