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Rankoshi Observation House: Embracing Hokkaido’s Winter Wonderland

A modern, glass-walled house nestled in a forested landscape, with warm interior lighting.

Designed by the acclaimed Daida Design Studio, the Rankoshi Observation House in Hokkaido, Japan, is a captivating residential project that seamlessly integrates with its stunning natural surroundings. This 2022 house, built for a client who loves winter sports and plants, features a thoughtful layout that includes a garage, ski room, guest quarters, and a cozy main living space.

With extended eaves and decks, a central solarium, and a focus on natural materials, the Rankoshi Observation House creates a harmonious balance between the indoors and the breathtaking vistas of Mount Yotei, Mount Shiribetsu, and the Annupuri range.

The Barn: A Fusion of Archaic Charm and Modern Design

Modern wooden house with large glass windows and a sloped roof at dusk.

Experience the allure of The Barn, a 2023 architectural masterpiece by Ferranti Schnell Arkitecten, nestled in the heart of Taunus, Germany. This mountain house uniquely combines modern and rustic elements, perched on a steep slope with captivating views of a nearby castle. Designed for an art collector, it’s not just a home but a vibrant venue for events, featuring a spacious hall with a central fireplace and an upper-level private retreat.

The Barn stands as a testament to innovative design in picturesque surroundings.

Villa of the Star: A Serene, Eco-Friendly Retreat in Da Lat

Modern two-story house with mixed-material facade surrounded by trees at dusk.

Villa of the Star, a rustic retreat in Da Lat, Vietnam, stands as a testament to sustainable design by APS Concept. Nestled in a pine forest, this house blends local materials like stone and pine wood with large glass windows, creating a seamless connection with nature.

Designed as part of the Mo Stay project, it offers a perfect balance of privacy and community, making it ideal for family gatherings and tranquil escapes.

SBT Boutique Hotel: A Marche Gem by Plus Ultra Studio

Modern living room with archways, beige sofa, and wooden ceiling beams.

Embrace the fusion of heritage and contemporary elegance at SBT, a stunning 18th-century country mansion reimagined by Plus Ultra Studio into a luxurious boutique hotel in Marche, Italy.

Retaining its original pathways and transforming its entrance portico into a winter garden, SBT harmoniously integrates modern design with its pastoral roots. Each suite uniquely designed, SBT offers a serene retreat, balancing contemporary flair with the warmth of a country estate. The hotel’s heart, a grand central salon, preserves its convivial spirit, inviting guests to share and connect.

Discover this exquisite blend of tradition and innovation, where country charm meets refined sophistication.

Castle on the Coast of Barcelona: A Historic Home’s Modern Revival

Elegant room with vaulted ceilings, stone walls, and arched wooden doors

Step into the Castle on the Coast of Barcelona, a stunning family home with a story. This 16th-century castle, set in the beautiful Maresme area near Barcelona, Spain, has been lovingly transformed by Rehab. They’ve kept its old-world charm while adding modern comforts. Inside, you’ll find historic stone walls and vaulted ceilings alongside stylish, up-to-date features. This blend of old and new creates a unique home that’s full of character and steeped in the rich heritage of Catalonia’s wine country.

Ibiza Campo – Loft: A Rustic-Industrial Retreat

Modern room with exposed wooden beams, tan couch, and minimalistic decor.

Ibiza Campo – Loft, a striking transformation by Ibiza Interiors, turns an abandoned warehouse into a dream loft in Ibiza Town, Spain. Fusing industrial and rustic elements, this sustainable home features local materials like ‘sabina beams’ unique to Ibiza, complemented by modern steel and terra cotta accents.

With self-sufficient amenities like solar panels and a private well, it offers breathtaking views, a yoga platform, and lush gardens, embodying a balance of old and new, sleek and rustic.

H / Katarino: Razlog’s Modern Rustic Retreat

Cozy living room with fireplace, plush chairs, and wooden bookshelf.

Discover the H / Katarino chalet, a masterpiece of rustic modernity crafted in 2022 by the renowned Makeroom Architects. Tucked away in Razlog, Bulgaria, this minimalist yet luxurious property boasts a unique blend of traditional chalet charm and sleek, contemporary design.

Razlog, known for its breathtaking mountain vistas and rich cultural heritage, provides the perfect backdrop for this stunning example of architectural innovation and elegant interior design.

House Conturines: Modern Alpine Luxury in Italy’s Val Badia

House Conturines: Modern Alpine Luxury in Italy’s Val Badia

House Conturines, a modern chalet in Val Badia, Italy, redefines Alpine luxury. Designed in 2023 by Perathoner Architects, this mountain house is more than a residence; it’s a sustainable masterpiece.

Located in the tranquil Armentarola region, it offers stunning views of the Dolomite peaks. Embracing local traditions, it features a unique Alpine architecture with a contemporary twist. The use of indigenous materials like South Tyrolean larch wood and local oak ensures energy efficiency and sustainability, meeting the A Nature climate house standards.

Inside, two levels house living spaces, bedrooms, and a sauna, creating a cozy yet modern retreat.