Country House: A Moscow Retreat with Rustic Charm

A stunning country house in Moscow, Russia, designed by Tochka design studio, showcases a luxurious rustic style. Completed in 2021, this home harmonizes wood and stone to create a cozy yet stylish retreat for a young couple.

Charming wooden cabin with large windows, covered balconies, and well-manicured landscaping.
Rustic wood-paneled walls, modern fireplace, and stylish furniture create a cozy, inviting space.
Modern lodge-inspired interior featuring high-beamed ceilings, glass pendant lights, and a tiled fireplace with firewood storage.
Luxurious open-concept living space with wooden accents, contemporary lighting, and sleek furnishings.
Open-concept living room with dark wood paneling, plush gray sofa, and dining area with wooden table and chairs.
Modern dining room with a large table, leather chairs, and a sleek light fixture above.
Rustic cabin kitchen and dining area with wooden walls, modern lighting, and burgundy chairs.
Cozy cabin kitchen with rustic wood walls, sleek gray cabinetry, and modern appliances.
Cozy wooden-paneled room with sleek black furniture, large windows providing ample natural light.
Rustic wood-paneled room with minimalist decor, artwork, and wooden floor. Cozy yet modern aesthetic.
Cozy wood-paneled room with a playful lofted bed, area rug, and minimalist furnishings.
Rustic wooden bedroom with modern art piece, sleek metal pendant lights, and cozy bedding.
Striking geometric patterns adorn the bathroom walls, complemented by sleek modern fixtures.
A cozy outdoor patio with modern furniture, lighting, and a view of surrounding buildings.

About Country House

Located in the scenic outskirts of Moscow, Russia, the “Country House” by Tochka design studio is a perfect blend of rustic and luxury elements. Completed in 2021, this country house features expressive textures of wood and stone, offering a comfortable and functional living space for a young couple.

Charming Exterior Design

The exterior of the “Country House” showcases a modern yet rustic charm. The facade combines wooden panels with large glass windows, allowing natural light to flood the interiors. The house is surrounded by a well-maintained garden, providing a serene environment.

Inviting Interior Spaces

Upon entering, the living area impresses with its high ceilings and exposed wooden beams. The space is designed for relaxation, featuring a cozy seating arrangement around a modern fireplace, perfect for Moscow’s cold winters.

Functional Kitchen and Dining Area

The open-plan kitchen and dining area continue the rustic theme with dark wood finishes and modern appliances. A large dining table with contemporary chairs creates an inviting space for family meals and entertaining guests.

Cozy Bedrooms and Playful Children’s Room

The master bedroom exudes luxury with a minimalist design and rich wooden textures. The children’s room stands out with a playful bunk bed designed like a small house, providing a fun and functional space for the young ones.

Stylish Bathrooms

The bathrooms feature unique tile designs and modern fixtures, blending functionality with style. Bold geometric patterns and colorful accents add a touch of personality to these private spaces.

Every element of the “Country House” by Tochka design studio is thoughtfully designed to create a harmonious blend of rustic charm and modern luxury, making it an ideal retreat for a young couple in Moscow.

Photography courtesy of Tochka deign studio

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- by Matt Watts