DocDeti: Innovative Children’s Clinic Design in Moscow

Welcome to DocDeti, a minimalist private children’s clinic in Moscow, designed by Tochka design studio. This futuristic clinic offers a unique blend of monochromatic elegance and playful interaction, where children can draw on walls, control LED lights, and enjoy a slide connecting two floors. Experience a space where serious design meets creative freedom.

Striking modern interior with spiral slide, sleek fixtures, and interactive elements.
A sleek, modern indoor slide with a curved glass enclosure, surrounded by a striped ceiling.
Sleek, modern office interior with spiral staircase and colorful lighting elements.
Sleek spiral staircase with metallic accents and modern, minimalist interior design.
Modern, futuristic interior with white furniture, spiral slide, and cylindrical lighting fixture.
A sleek, modern interior with curved architectural features, blue accents, and minimalist furniture.
Sleek, modern interior with colorful, space-themed mural and cylindrical lighting feature.
Vibrant, colorful architectural column design with curving metal slide in modern interior.
Minimalist bathroom design with circular vanity mirror and pendant lighting.
A minimalist medical office with a circular mirror, clinical equipment, and a monochromatic color scheme.
Minimalist bedroom with black bed frame, side table, and white walls. Simple, clean design.
Striking monochrome bathroom with geometric tiled walls and minimalist black fixtures.

About DocDeti

DocDeti is a cutting-edge children’s clinic in Moscow, Russia, designed by Tochka design studio. This minimalist project combines futuristic elements with a serious monochromatic palette. The clinic’s concept is rooted in educating children through real-world experiences, avoiding any deliberate illusions. The sleek design balances seriousness with playful, interactive elements, creating an environment where children can learn and explore seamlessly.

Futuristic Design and Minimalist Aesthetics

Upon entering DocDeti, visitors are greeted by a sleek, monochromatic reception area. The design focuses on clean lines and futuristic details, with a cold palette that conveys seriousness without feeling strict. Stainless steel accents and modern fixtures add to the clinic’s sophisticated atmosphere, setting a professional yet welcoming tone for young patients and their families.

Interactive and Playful Elements

DocDeti incorporates interactive features that transform the clinic experience for children. Walls are designed for drawing, allowing kids to express their creativity freely. LED lights can be controlled by the children, adding an element of fun and engagement. A slide connecting the two floors is a standout feature, providing a playful way for children to navigate the clinic. These elements offset the minimalist design, ensuring the space is both functional and enjoyable.

Thoughtfully Designed Spaces

The clinic’s examination rooms and patient areas continue the minimalist theme with custom-made and IKEA furniture. The design prioritizes functionality and comfort, creating a calming environment for both patients and staff. The use of bright colors, introduced by the visitors themselves, adds a dynamic and personal touch to the otherwise monochromatic setting. Animated emojis, familiar to modern children, guide them through the clinic, making navigation intuitive and fun.

Innovative Approach to Children’s Healthcare

DocDeti is more than just a medical facility; it is a space where design meets education and play. The clinic’s futuristic and minimalist aesthetic is paired with features that encourage children to learn and interact with their environment. The careful selection of medical furniture and custom elements ensures the space is not only stylish but also meets the practical needs of a healthcare facility. By blending these elements, Tochka design studio has created a unique environment that redefines the typical clinic experience.

DocDeti exemplifies innovative design, merging aesthetics and functionality to create a unique, child-friendly medical environment in Moscow. The clinic’s design fosters a sense of wonder and engagement, making it a model for future healthcare facilities.

Photography courtesy of Tochka Design Studio

Viist Tochka Design Studio

- by Matt Watts