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Blue Ocean Apartment: Transforming Spaces for Modern Life

A modern living room with minimalist white furniture, purple accents, and built-in shelving.

Unveiling the Blue Ocean Apartment in Zhuhai, China: a masterpiece by Freeform Design that redefines urban living. This contemporary apartment, located in the heart of Jiuzhou Bay’s vibrant neighborhood, merges fashion with function, offering versatile living spaces tailored for the modern urbanite.

Experience unparalleled freedom in a home designed not just for living but for working, socializing, and dreaming— all set against the backdrop of breathtaking sea and mountain views.

Posthuman Crash in a Neoclassical Apartment: A Valencia Marvel

A modern, minimalist kitchen with sleek white cabinetry, ample counter space, and a large central table.

Discover the Posthuman Crash in a Neoclassical Apartment in Valencia, Spain, designed by Mario Montesinos Marco in 2022. This real estate marvel blends neoclassical charm with futuristic design, embodying the aftermath of an unconventional UFO crash. This apartment revitalizes traditional architecture with a posthuman twist, offering a glimpse into a world where past meets future.

Curvix by Stipfold: A Dive into Batumi’s Futuristic Penthouse Design

Curvix by Stipfold: A Dive into Batumi’s Futuristic Penthouse Design

In the heart of Batumi, Georgia, renowned for its vibrant city center and scenic seaside, stands the Curvix penthouse – a testament to futuristic design by Stipfold. Offering unparalleled views of the Batumi Central Boulevard, this unique residence boasts a harmonious blend of fiber-concrete panels and biophilic elements, creating a seamless transition from a compact corridor to a luminous living space.

Relaxing Vibe at DENTLY Dental Clinic by AT26 Architects

Relaxing Vibe at DENTLY Dental Clinic by AT26 Architects

DENTLY – the new dental clinic located in Bratislava, Slovakia, is part of the renowned SKY PARK project designed by the world-famous architect Zaha Hadid. Created with user-friendliness and comfort in mind, this modern clinic was designed in 2021 by AT26 Architects.

The clinic consists of two identical functional branches, connected by a reception desk, a small meeting room/office, and a generous waiting area. The calming elements such as an aquarium, plants, and a TV were placed in the space to make the experience for the clients less stressful. The interior design is corresponding to the original space with its curves and materials, such as concrete columns mirrored in big formats of concrete tiles. Wood as a natural material enhances the calming atmosphere, making DENTLY a relaxing and comfortable place to visit.