Lynk & Co Madrid: Masquespacio’s Vibrant Commercial Oasis

Masquespacio‘s innovative design for Lynk & Co’s new commercial space in Madrid, Spain, offers a multifunctional oasis of creativity. This 360m2 Lynk & Co Madrid blends work, shopping, and entertainment, inspired by the city’s artistic heritage. From a cozy lounge to a vibrant bar and futuristic vehicle displays, the space showcases Masquespacio‘s ‘fun and ironic’ approach, creating a sensory journey for visitors.

Vibrant, lush interior with neon lighting, tropical plants, and curved yellow seating.
Cozy café with industrial-style decor, corrugated metal bar, and potted plants.
A vibrant and eclectic interior design featuring exposed brick walls, colorful lighting, and unique furnishings.
Vibrant industrial interior with neon lighting, plant accents, and modular furniture.
Vibrant, modern office space with bold purple arches, plants, and a futuristic vehicle display.
Ornate golden ceiling with intricate moldings and patterns in a luxurious red-tiled room.
Minimalist dining area with geometric wooden ceiling panel, dark brick walls, and a simple wood table with a vase of flowers.
A vibrant, geometric interior featuring bold stripes, dots, and a checkered floor.

About Lynk & Co Madrid

Unlocking Madrid’s Creative Oasis: Lynk & Co Club

Nestled in the heart of the city, the Lynk & Co Club Madrid, a 3,875 sq ft (360m2) space, stands as a captivating fusion of creativity and functionality. Designed by the visionary studio Masquespacio and the Lynk & Co Design Team, this remarkable project represents a dynamic and versatile destination that transcends the traditional dealership experience.

A Multifaceted Sanctuary

Beyond a mere showroom, the Lynk & Co Club Madrid offers users a multitude of engaging opportunities. Here, one can work, shop, socialize, attend events, and even test-drive the brand’s iconic 01 model. The design, inspired by the seven artistic disciplines and iconic references of Madrid, promises a “fun and ironic” experience at every turn.

A Sensory Journey Unfolding

Upon entry, visitors are greeted by a cozy lounge area featuring a plush yellow sofa, inviting relaxation and interaction. Mirrors and vibrant lighting create a dynamic atmosphere, urging exploration. Continuing the journey, the bar presents a neutral palette that respects the brand’s identity.

Unique Spaces, Captivating Concepts

Across the space, a first meeting area is surrounded by a captivating “purple rain” – a contrast of metal blinds and glass bricks. Nearby, a large pink cube houses one of Madrid’s cultural references, while the bathrooms, inspired by the Teatro de La Zarzuela, offer a glamorous, theatrical ambiance.

Homage to Madrid’s Iconic Influences

The fitting room, designed with a fluorescent curtain that is lowered by a rope, pays tribute to the skirts of Las Meninas. Downstairs, an area with tables and seats for meetings and events evokes the feel of Asian cinema, complemented by a playful pop art bathroom.

Futuristic Showcase: Lynk & Co 01

Centrally positioned, the Lynk & Co 01 is presented in an environment that captures the vehicle’s futuristic and technological essence, offering visitors a glimpse into the brand’s visionary design.

Overall, the Lynk & Co Club Madrid, designed in 2024, represents a captivating and multifaceted destination that seamlessly blends creativity, functionality, and a vibrant homage to the city’s most iconic cultural references.

Photography by Luis Beltran
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- by Matt Watts