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Foyer – Coworking Space: Transforming Prague’s Creative Hub

FeaturedA modern industrial-style loft with exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and artistic decor.

The Foyer – Coworking Space in Prague, Czech Republic, designed by mar.s architects, is a multifunctional hub that seamlessly combines industrial style, deep design, and a calm atmosphere for focused work. This 2023 project redefines the traditional concept of a foyer, transforming it into a dynamic workspace that serves as a showroom, coworking space, and occasional event venue.

Lynk & Co Madrid: Masquespacio’s Vibrant Commercial Oasis

Cozy café with industrial-style decor, corrugated metal bar, and potted plants.

Masquespacio‘s innovative design for Lynk & Co’s new commercial space in Madrid, Spain, offers a multifunctional oasis of creativity. This 360m2 Lynk & Co Madrid blends work, shopping, and entertainment, inspired by the city’s artistic heritage. From a cozy lounge to a vibrant bar and futuristic vehicle displays, the space showcases Masquespacio‘s ‘fun and ironic’ approach, creating a sensory journey for visitors.

Downside-up: Treviso Apartment Defies Gravity with Concrete Soffit

Spacious, modern living room with concrete ceiling, blue TV cabinet, and potted plants.

The Downside-up apartment designed by Clinicaurbana in Treviso, Italy, showcases a captivating inversion of spatial hierarchies. Featuring a dominant concrete soffit that dictates the room dynamics, this 2023 project subverts traditional design norms. The horizontal plane counteracts the vertical wooden panels, creating a harmonious interplay of elements. Traversing the space, tortuous profiles weave along the architectural lines, seamlessly integrating domestic furnishings and equipment, evoking a “delirium of detail” that captivates the eye.