Contemporary House by White & Black Design Studio

Located in Moscow, Russia, this 6,997 sq ft contemporary house was designed in 2017 by White & Black Design Studio.

Expansive open-concept living space with marble accent wall, suspended lighting, and modern decor.
Sleek modern living room with striking marble accent wall and geometric lighting.
Spacious modern interior with sleek stairs, sectional sofa, and decorative accents.
Elegant living room with marble walls, wooden shelves, and a modern light fixture.
Spacious, modern dining room with sleek furniture, statement lighting, and textured walls.
A modern open-concept kitchen and living area with marble countertops, sleek lighting, and a floating staircase.
Spacious modern living room with wooden walls, large windows, and a striking brass chandelier.
An elegant living room with a fireplace, built-in shelves, and a chandelier illuminating the space.
An elegant living room with a marble fireplace, built-in shelving, and a contemporary chandelier.
Luxurious living room features wooden walls, modern chandelier, and plush seating.
Elegant interior with rich wood paneling, modern pendant lights, and a striking staircase.
Sleek bathroom design featuring marble walls, wooden vanity, and sculptural decor.
Modern entryway with sleek lighting fixtures, wooden paneled walls, and a decorative bench.
Elegant bedroom with modern lighting, geometric wall art, and plush bedding.
Vibrant color scheme, geometric wallpaper, and unique lighting fixtures in modern bedroom.
Minimalist bedroom with warm-toned wood paneling, textured quilted bedding, and sleek lighting.
Sleek, modern bathroom with a circular light fixture, glass shower, and patterned tile floor.

About Contemporary House

In a distinguished corner of the design district, Contemporary House by White & Black Design Studio stands proudly. Constructed in 2017, the house redefines the essence of contemporary architecture.

Welcoming Facade

The journey begins with the home’s exterior, where simplicity and elegance harmoniously blend, inviting one into the realm of modern design.

Living Space: Heart of the Home

Stepping through the front door, the living room greets guests with its modern yet inviting ambiance. The eye-catching staircase offers a striking contrast to the soft textures of the seating area, promising both comfort and style.

Culinary Delight: The Kitchen

Adjacent to the living room, the kitchen stands as the home’s hub, boasting sleek appliances and a spacious island. It’s a place where function and style coexist, perfect for both cooking and socializing.

Dining Elegance

Just beyond the kitchen, the dining area awaits. Here, the marble table sets the stage for gatherings, surrounded by chairs that echo the home’s chic aesthetic.

A Restful Palette: Bedrooms

The bedrooms offer a personal retreat with bold wall colors and artful decor, creating an invigorating escape at day’s end. Each room is a canvas for expression, displaying a vibrant personality.

Tranquil Retreats: The Bathrooms

In the bathrooms, clean lines and neutral tones provide a serene atmosphere. Here, one can find a moment of peace in the midst of daily life.

Productivity in Style: The Office

For work and contemplation, the office space provides a minimalist environment that stimulates productivity without sacrificing style.

Room by room, Contemporary House weaves a tale of modern luxury, crafting an inviting atmosphere that’s both sophisticated and functional. It stands as a beacon of contemporary design, embodying the spirit of modern living.

Photography by Mikhail Stepanov

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- by Matt Watts