Laurelhurst Midcentury by MW|Works

Redesigned in 2017 by MW|Works, Laurelhurst Midcentury is a mid-century single family residence located in Seattle, Washington, United States.

Spacious modern living room with stone fireplace, wood flooring, and ample natural light.
Contemporary living room with stone fireplace, built-in shelves, and large glass windows overlooking nature.
Modern open-concept living space with large windows overlooking lush greenery, sleek dark wood accents, and minimalist furniture.
Sleek, modern kitchen with dark gray cabinetry, wooden accents, and pendant lighting.
A modern indoor-outdoor dining space with a large wooden table, chairs, and panoramic lake view.
Contemporary stairs with striking black metal frame and textured stone wall.
Spacious, modern bathroom with sleek glass walls, built-in shelves, and skylights.
A modern, sleek house with clean lines, metal roof, and glass walls framing the outdoor views.
Modern wood and glass house with outdoor patio and expansive interior spaces.

About Laurelhurst Midcentury

Reviving a Midcentury Classic in Seattle

In Seattle, Washington, a mid-century house called Laurelhurst Midcentury has undergone a thoughtful update. Designed in 2017 by MW|Works, this home, originally created by Ibsen Nelsen in 1961, has received a modern enhancement that respects its roots.

Exterior Allure

The house greets visitors with its clean lines and dark hues that blend with the lush Seattle backdrop. The careful placement of windows and extensions to the structure connect the inside to the outdoor landscape, allowing natural light to play a central role.

Entrance and Living Room: A Cohesive Welcome

Stepping inside, the entrance unfolds into a spacious living room where the once isolated courtyard garden is now a visual focus. Full-height windows draw the outside in, creating a connection that guides daily life.

Kitchen: Functional and Connected

The kitchen boasts a generous island and modern appliances set against dark cabinetry. The open design promotes interaction, with views extending through to the courtyard and beyond.

Dining with a View

Adjacent to the kitchen, the dining area borders expansive glass doors that lead to a deck, offering panoramic views of the surrounding greenery and water.

Private Spaces: Bedrooms and Bathrooms

In the private quarters, the bedrooms reflect simplicity and calm, while the bathrooms showcase functionality with a skylight that bathes the space in daylight, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor.

In the end, Laurelhurst Midcentury stands as a house renewed, with spaces fluidly linking to each other and the scenic outdoors, setting a benchmark for modern living while honoring its historic design.

Photography by Jeremy Bittermann

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- by Matt Watts