Chicago Loft by KC Architects

Designed in 2016 by KC Architects, Chicago Loft is an inspiring industrial apartment located in Chicago, Illinois.

Chic industrial-style loft with brick walls, minimalist furnishings, and large windows.
This modern dining area features a sleek concrete table, wooden chairs, and striking abstract artwork.
Contemporary kitchen design with sleek gray cabinets, granite countertops, and modern lighting.
Modern, monochromatic interior showcasing sleek, minimal furniture and artwork against textured walls.
Modern minimalist living room with gray armchair, skull decor, and large windows.
Cozy nook with modern gray swivel chair, exposed brick wall, and large artwork.
A modern industrial-style bedroom with exposed brick walls, a large wall clock, and minimalist furniture.
Sleek modern bathroom with textured tile wall and wooden floor. Minimalist design.

About Chicago Loft

In the heart of Chicago, Illinois, the Chicago Loft emerges as a prime example of modern industrial living. KC Architects crafted this loft apartment in 2016, bringing together form and function in a cohesive design.

Lofty Ambitions

Enter the living room where natural light floods through large windows, illuminating the exposed brick. Here, the room stretches upwards, with a tall ceiling adorned by sleek lighting fixtures. The large couch anchors the space, offering a view of the television and the staircase leading to the second level.

A Chic Culinary Space

Move into the kitchen where functionality meets sophistication. Dark cabinetry and reflective marble countertops offer ample space for culinary creativity. State-of-the-art appliances blend seamlessly into the design, speaking to both aesthetics and practicality.

Dining with Art

Next to the kitchen, the dining area stands proud with its bold artwork and innovative lighting fixtures. The contemporary table and chairs promise engaging conversations, complemented by the surrounding artistic vibrancy.

Tranquil Slumber

The bedroom offers a sanctuary for rest with a plush, low-profile bed. An impressive clock overlooks the space, a nod to timeless design. The subdued lighting creates a cozy ambiance for unwinding after a day in the city.

Sleek Serenity

The bathroom continues the theme of sleek minimalism. The walk-in shower, flanked by stone and wood, and the modern fixtures embody the loft’s chic industrial vibe.

The Chicago Loft by KC Architects is a remarkable space that balances industrial rawness with the comforts of modern design, setting the stage for a distinguished urban lifestyle.

Photography courtesy of KC Architects

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- by Matt Watts