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House 1909: Integrating Metal Clad Boxes for Chic Living

Modern three-story black residential building sandwiched between traditional brick houses.

Discover House 1909 in Chicago, IL, designed by Studio Dwell Architects in 2021. This innovative residence stands out in the Bucktown neighborhood with its series of stacked metal clad boxes, incorporating a blend of public and private spaces, and green terraces. Featuring full-height glass walls, cantilevered floors for natural shade, and landscaped terraces, this house redefines modern living with its unique approach to design and spatial utilization.

Brickyard: A Modern Legacy Home in Chicago

FeaturedModern two-story brick house with large trees and a fence.

Brickyard, a remarkable house designed by dSPACE Studio, redefines luxury and sustainability in Chicago. This modern, eco-friendly home features an innovative perforated brick wall, offering privacy and natural light in perfect harmony. Equipped with state-of-the-art solar panels and a green roof, Brickyard stands as a testament to future-proof living in Chicago’s vibrant urban setting.

Soldier Field House: A Minimalist Marvel in Chicago

Modern living room with sleek furniture and abstract art.

Soldier Field House in Chicago, a Collective Office masterpiece, reimagines a pre-recession townhouse with minimalist elegance. Nestled at the base of a high-rise, this property features a harmonious blend of modern design and functionality.

Custom millwork, white oak chevron floors, and full-height marble highlight the sophisticated interplay of textures and materials. From the sleek, purposeful kitchen to the bespoke master suite, every inch exudes minimalist finesse, transforming urban living into an art form. Soldier Field House: where refined luxury meets everyday life.

Hallstar I: Redefining Corporate Spaces in Illinois

Hallstar I: Redefining Corporate Spaces in Illinois

In Darien, Illinois, a thriving Chicago-based company unveils Hallstar I, a masterpiece crafted by Collective Office. Occupying an expansive warehouse, this freshly minted corporate space astounds with a village-inspired design of house-shaped volumes, effortlessly blending diverse work environments, from labs to manufacturing areas.

Elevated platforms grant viewers a bird’s-eye panorama, while communal stairs serve multiple purposes, from informal work to lunch spots. With acoustic features ensuring utmost privacy, this office stands as a testament to forward-thinking design.