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Lakeshore Residence: Architectural Lakeside Bliss

FeaturedLakeshore Residence: Architectural Lakeside Bliss

Discover the Lakeshore Residence: a testament to midcentury modern elegance by Cast Architecture, strategically situated in Lake Forest Park, WA. This lakefront house, designed in 2022, offers a serene retreat with thoughtful reorganization and additions that accentuate breathtaking views of Lake Washington and the iconic Mt. Rainier.

Embrace a life where work, play, and inspiration coexist, enhanced by a tapestry of natural materials and a palette that reflects the tranquil lakeside setting.

The Perch: Austin’s Elevated Studio Space

The Perch: Austin’s Elevated Studio Space

In Austin’s dynamic cityscape, ‘The Perch‘ stands as a testament to contemporary design and ingenuity. Designed by Nicole Blair in 2021, this 660-square-foot (61-square-meter) apartment is a masterpiece of flexibility, built to accommodate a landscape designer and hairstylist’s work-life balance.

Elevated on steel columns to preserve the natural beauty of the backyard, The Perch exemplifies minimal disruption and maximum functionality, marrying economy with elegance in a way that only Austin can inspire.

Palmer Apartment: A Modernist Home in Manhattan

Palmer Apartment: A Modernist Home in Manhattan

Discover the Palmer Apartment, a modernist home in Manhattan’s heart, crafted by Fernando Fisbein.

This pied-à-terre, spanning 1,350 square feet (125.42 square meters), offers a tranquil escape with its open, airy interiors and seamless integration of social spaces, illuminated by both natural and bespoke lighting. It’s a New York sanctuary where every detail, from the white oak floors to the Crema Marfil marble, echoes luxury and harmony.

Livingston Manor House: A Modern Retreat in the West Catskills

Livingston Manor House: A Modern Retreat in the West Catskills

Discover the Livingston Manor House, a serene retreat nestled in the West Catskills, just two hours northwest of New York City. Designed by Marc Thorpe for a Brooklyn-based graphic designer and his family, this modern, Scandinavian-inspired haven epitomizes rural escape.

Its defining feature is a striking, deep triangulated cantilevered roofline, elegantly floating above a wrapping deck. Embracing passive design, the house not only stands out for its aesthetic appeal but also for its commitment to ecological sustainability.

Case Study: Crafting Privacy in Urban LA

FeaturedCase Study: Crafting Privacy in Urban LA

In Culver City, California, Woods + Dangaran.’s Case Study stands as a testament to contemporary design and thoughtful urban living. Designed in 2018, this single-story house serves as a serene family sanctuary.

Its layout seamlessly merges indoor comfort with outdoor tranquility, maintaining privacy amidst the bustling Los Angeles suburb. Daylight floods through skylights and oversized glass doors, eliminating the need for artificial lighting and creating an intimate connection with nature. The residence’s earth-toned façade, draped in green vines, beautifully echoes the landscaped gardens, setting a standard for suburban architecture.

Descendant House: Multi-Generational Living in Austin

FeaturedDescendant House: Multi-Generational Living in Austin

Discover Descendant House in Austin, Texas, a 2019 creation by Matt Fajkus Architecture. This unique home unites three generations, blending private and communal spaces with a focus on harmony and interconnection. Featuring a distinct composition of masonry, wood, glass, and stucco, it offers varied interactions with the natural landscape while prioritizing accessibility.

Descendant House stands out for its innovative design, integrating family dynamics with stunning views and an innate connection to the outdoors.