TripTych: Redefining Urban Housing With Modular Efficiency

Explore TripTych, a revolutionary multi-unit housing project located in Vancouver, Canada, designed by Leckie Studio Architecture + Design. Embodying a perfect blend of adaptable design and contemporary architecture, this ground-oriented structure aims to transform urban housing through its modular incremental units, promising affordability and sustainable living.

A modern wooden and glass home nestled among lush trees and vibrant foliage.
Minimalist wooden dining room with built-in shelves, a paper lantern, and a long table.
A modern kitchen with wooden walls, concrete countertops, and pendant lighting.
Warm-toned wood beams and sleek concrete island define this minimalist kitchen.
Minimalist, wood-paneled interior with concrete kitchen island and large windows overlooking nature.
Minimalist interior with wooden floors, walls, and built-in shelving; large dining table.
Warm, minimalist interior with wooden beams, shelving, and a view of nature.

About TripTych

Innovative Design Philosophy

TripTych emerges as a novel solution in urban architecture, designed by Leckie Studio Architecture + Design. This unique prefabricated housing prototype champions adaptable densification in urban and suburban areas of Vancouver, Canada. Made up of a single 2400 square foot (223 square meters) structure, it cleverly subdivides into 800 square foot (74 square meters) increments, facilitating tailored configurations of 800, 1600, or 2400 square feet (74, 149, or 223 square meters) as per residential needs over time.

Sustainability Meets Flexibility

Central to TripTych’s design thesis is the agility to adapt through time without succumbing to costly demolitions. By foreseeing future living scenarios during the initial design and build stages, the project guarantees a flexible, future-proof residential solution. The methodical planning of space, infrastructure, and construction elements aligns with this vision, all sustained within the economical bounds of $400 per square foot, ensuring affordability and environmental consciousness.

Addressing Modern Housing Needs

TripTych subverts Vancouver’s traditional housing narratives by promoting diversity, resilience, and inclusion through its adaptable ground-oriented structure. This approach aligns with both provincial and municipal policies on densification, offering a visionary design that not only ensures housing permanence but also adapts to evolving urban necessities. The implementation of this prefabricated component-based system makes the minor renovations necessary for future adaptations simple and efficient, allowing for 4-6 units per lot.

Thus, TripTych not only refines architectural efficiency but also heralds a new era in urban housing, emphasizing the need for designs that are as dynamic as the communities they serve. This project represents a forward-thinking, inclusively designed urban housing model that anticipates and adapts to the needs of modern urban dwellers.

Photography courtesy of Leckie Studio Architecture + Design
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- by Matt Watts