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Park Pavilion: A Deep Dive into MATERIA Gustavo Carmona’s Latest Creation

A modern, industrial-style interior with concrete walls, metal railings, and stylish furniture.

Discover the Park Pavilion, a visionary pavilion designed by MATERIA Gustavo Carmona in 2022, located in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. This structure redefines traditional real estate spaces by merging innovative design with functionality, enhancing the hilly landscape of Tangamanga Park. Through a unique mix of concrete forms and natural light, the pavilion stands as a permanent, transformative space within the community.

Casa de Brujas: Integrating Nature with Modern Cabin Design

A modern, wood-paneled building with large windows overlooking a natural landscape.

Introducing Casa de Brujas, a uniquely designed cabin by DX Arquitectos tucked away in Palmas de Ocoa, Chile. Completed in 2022, this cozy retreat mirrors the ecological spirit of its surroundings. The cabin, deliberately set on stilts to minimize environmental impact, boasts an open design to maximize indoor-outdoor living, focusing on a strong connection with the native landscape. This compact living space is a testament to innovative, sustainable architecture.

LRN: Exploring the Contemporary Mountain Home in Sun Valley

FeaturedA modern, wood-framed house with an expansive outdoor patio and scenic mountain views.

Discover LRN, a masterful creation by Farmer Payne Architects in Sun Valley, ID. This contemporary house, designed in 2023, offers an energy-efficient sanctuary seamlessly integrated into the rugged terrain. Sophistication meets sustainability in this luxurious residence, where expansive windows and sleek interiors maximize the breathtaking mountain views, crafting an exquisite indoor-outdoor living experience.

Lua House: Modern Family Retreat Architecture in Brazil

FeaturedClean, minimalist exterior with wooden canopy, paved courtyard, and lush greenery.

Step inside the Lua House, designed by Arquitetura Nacional in 2022 and located in Xangri-lá, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. This beautiful house combines volumetric design and thoughtful indoor-outdoor connectivity, providing a cozy vacation home throughout the year. The grand design features stunning wooden grid ceilings and large glass facades that enhance natural lighting and embrace lakeside views, making it an ideal gathering place for the whole family. Explore how architectural choices amplify both privacy and panoramic scenery in this modern home.

Résidence des Rapides: Eco-Friendly Design Meets Nordic Tradition

Spacious living room with large windows, sleek fireplace, and minimalist furniture.

Discover the stunning Résidence des Rapides, designed by Appareil Architecture in 2022, located in Mont-Tremblant, Canada. This house blends contemporary style with the cozy allure of wood, presenting breathtaking views of the Laurentians. Its design cleverly uses the natural environment to enhance both privacy and scenic encounters from every angle. The architecture not only captivates but also integrates functional elegance, making it a standout example of modern residential architecture.

A House in Quang Nam: Merging Tradition with Modern Design

Warm-toned adobe architecture surrounds an open courtyard with a central tree.

A House in Quang Nam, designed by Lequang-Architect in 2022, is an emblem of multigenerational living in Vietnam. This house in Quảng Nam redefines traditional spaces with its spiral structure revolving around a central garden, blending ecological sustainability with a community-centric approach. With distinct living blocks for family members and communal spaces oriented towards interaction, the design encapsulates modern living while reflecting Vietnamese cultural values.

Patio-House: Designing Privacy and Tranquility in Spain

Expansive indoor-outdoor space with brick walls, open shelving, and a leather lounge chair.

Discover Patio-House in Salou, Spain, designed by NUA Arquitectures in 2021. This house merges ancient Roman influences with modern design, creating a serene living space centered around a courtyard. Crafted for light and privacy, paramount design features include ceramic materials and architecturally strategic light play, perfectly encapsulating Mediterranean warmth and heritage. Explore how traditional aesthetics meet contemporary needs in this unique home.