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Sparling Residence: A Mid-Century Modern Gem in Oakville

FeaturedContemporary house with pool and wooden accents.

Discover the Sparling Residence in Oakville, Canada, a mid-century modern marvel designed by Carrothers + Assoc. in 2017. This private house perfectly melds wood, glass, and concrete, showcasing clean lines and elegant spaces that blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. Experience the true essence of timeless design in this unique home, where every detail reflects sophisticated simplicity and modern comfort.

Grey Residence: A Modern Montreal Makeover

Modern kitchen interior with wooden finishes and bar stools.

RobitailleCurtis transforms the Grey Residence, a 1905 home in Montreal’s historic Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, into a modern haven. This renovation marries expanded living spaces with intricate designs, like a unique kitchen centered around a sleek island and a versatile granny suite, all while enhancing natural light and flow. Perfect for a growing family, this project showcases a blend of contemporary style and functionality.

Pine Residence: Modern Expansion in Saint-Lambert

Modern kitchen with wooden table, chairs, and exposed ceiling beams.

Explore Salem Architecture‘s latest creation, the Pine Residence, in the quaint Saint-Lambert, Quebec. This innovative project elevates a classic ‘King-Cottage’ style home into a modern haven, harmonizing interior and exterior living.

Emphasizing natural lighting, seamless transitions, and a family-friendly design, it sets a new standard for comfortable, stylish living. Highlights include an extended wooden structure for outdoor enjoyment, sophisticated material choices like white oak, and a unique three-sided fireplace, all thoughtfully integrated to enhance the family’s lifestyle.

Woodland House: Midcentury Charm in Toronto’s Preserve

Modern living room with large windows, a sectional sofa, and wooden accents.

Woodland, a stunning architectural achievement by Frankfranco Architects, sits atop a nature preserve near Toronto. This Vaughan-based house, completed in 2022, skillfully marries Midcentury Modernist design with sustainable luxury.

The 6,000-square-foot side-split home, built on a historic two-acre property, showcases unique C-shaped architecture, minimalist grey exteriors with bespoke brass inlays, and interiors rich in natural materials like walnut and slate.

Atelier Chabot: A Unique Family Adventure Space

Modern open-concept interior with swings, white walls, and wood floors.

Atelier Chabot in Montreal stands as a testament to innovative design. Indee Design, led by Florence Charron, has converted a typical duplex into an enchanting playhouse in Plateau-Mont-Royal. This space skillfully merges themes of travel with the practicalities of daily living. The design includes a catamaran net, rock-climbing wall, and a slide, making it a unique habitat not only for kids but also for adults seeking adventure.

Every room in Atelier Chabot tells a story, filled with light and creative design elements. Indee Design‘s use of local materials like maple wood and vibrant color schemes ensures that Atelier Chabot is a hub of creativity and joy.