The Break Residence: A House with Two Faces in Canada

Situated on the serene shores of Lake Revdor in the picturesque Laurentians of Canada, the Break Residence by MU Architecture is a captivating display of dual personalities. This 2022-designed house seamlessly blends luxury, hospitality, and a deep reverence for the natural landscape, offering a harmonious retreat for its owners.

Striking modern design with wood, glass, and concrete elements, surrounded by lush greenery.
Minimalist living room with wooden ceiling, large windows, and abstract artwork on the walls.
Large windows overlooking a wooded landscape, with a wooden ceiling and minimalist furnishings.
Minimalist living space with wooden ceiling, stone wall, and floating wooden stairs.
Modern open-plan kitchen and dining room with sleek wood and stone finishes.
Sleek, modern dining room with marble-patterned wall, curved light fixture, and wooden dining set.
Minimalist kitchen with wood ceiling, marble backsplash, and sleek cabinets.
Modern living room with an orange velvet sofa, a white pouf, and large windows overlooking nature.
Modern, minimalist bathroom design with sleek white vessel sink, dark stone walls, and recessed lighting.
Stunning modern architecture with wooden ceiling, glass walls, and scenic forest view.
A modern, multi-level house with a mix of dark and warm wood paneling, large windows, and a patio.
A modern, angular, wooden residence amid a lush, forested landscape.
A modern, multi-story wooden structure with balconies and large windows amidst lush greenery.

About The Break Residence

Situated in the picturesque Laurentians of Canada, the Break Residence is a true gem. Designed by the visionary architects at MU Architecture, this captivating home seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings. Perched on the shores of Lake Revdor, the residence presents a striking contrast – a harmonious interplay of rock-like volumes and open, extroverted spaces.

A House with Two Faces

From the street, the residence appears as a series of interlocking volumes, resembling a cluster of sculpted rocks. However, the sloping topography reveals a hidden secret – a garden level that provides direct access to the tranquil lake. The main entrance, a sculptural marvel, lies beneath a double-story canopy, inviting visitors into the warm and welcoming heart of the home.

A Harmonious Blend of Interior and Exterior

Flip the script, and the residence transforms. On the lake side, the home exudes an extroverted personality, with amplified roof overhangs and angled soffits accentuated by golden accents. These elements seamlessly reflect the ripples and movements of the water below, as if the residence is spreading its sails to the wind.

A Timeless Elegance, Carved in Stone and Wood

Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by a sense of calm and comfort. Bathed in natural light and open to the lake, the residence radiates a distinguished and contemplative character. The carefully selected materials, including the expressive veining of quartzite, the textured slate, and the warm hues of oak and maple, contribute to this serene ambiance.

A Mast-like Anchor for the Home

At the heart of the residence, a stone wall stands tall, like a mast anchoring the structure. This versatile element serves as both a space separator and a unifying architectural feature, accommodating three fireplaces and seamlessly connecting the different levels. The fluid and graceful gestures of this wall, both inside and out, create a cohesive and harmonious design.

Hospitality and Serenity in Perfect Balance

The Break Residence is a testament to the art of hospitality. With each level equipped with service areas, coffee stations, and bars, the home is designed to cater to the needs of its guests. Accessible by elevator, the residence also features private balconies and contemplative lounges, where one can bask in the serenity of the spaces and the breathtaking views.

In conclusion, the Break Residence is an architectural masterpiece that harmoniously blends with its natural surroundings. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this luxurious home is a true ode to hospitality, comfort, and the beauty of nature.

Photography by Ulysse Lemerise Bouchard
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- by Matt Watts