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Praia Apartment: Cozy Beach-Inspired Design in Londrina

Spacious open-concept living area with modern kitchen and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Designed for a young couple in Londrina, Brazil, the Praia Apartment by Ser Arquitetos is a 181 m² apartment that showcases a harmonious blend of modern and beach-inspired elements. The project maintained the original layout while creating a comfortable, cozy environment through the use of neutral tones, natural materials, and carefully curated furnishings. With a spacious social area, three suites, and a service area, this apartment offers a welcoming and versatile living space that reflects its residents’ desire for a truly inviting home.

House with an Island: Embracing Nature with Bright Open Spaces

FeaturedCozy living room with large windows, wood accents, and a fireplace in a modern country home.

Hanna Pietras, a renowned architect in Poland, has designed a captivating 500-square-meter house that celebrates the beauty of natural materials. Situated in Poland, this House with an Island project, completed in 2024, is a testament to Pietras’ commitment to sustainable and harmonious design. The interiors showcase a sophisticated blend of warm earth tones, soft beiges, and muted browns, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere for the residents.

BioMed Realty Offices: Hacin’s Warm & Organic Workspace

An open-concept office space with modern wood and concrete finishings, artwork, and comfortable seating.

Hacin‘s design for the BioMed Realty Offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, blends a warm, hospitable aesthetic with functional workspace amenities. The LEED Gold-certified offices feature a rectangular “pinwheel” layout that maximizes 360-degree views of the city and Charles River, while custom shared workstations, community spaces, and a prominent meeting room create an increasingly domestic atmosphere in this leading provider of real estate solutions to the life science and technology industries.

Dongzhimen 8: Elegant Apartment Interiors by ACPV Architects

Elegant living room with panoramic city view, wooden paneling, and modern furnishings.

ACPV Architects, led by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel, have designed the luxurious Dongzhimen 8 apartments in Beijing, China. The project, set to be completed in 2024, features a refined residential interior that prioritizes the well-being of its residents. The apartments are characterized by clear horizontal lines in the wooden wall paneling, creating a visually elongated, calming space. The penthouses boast a curated selection of high-end Italian furnishings and materials, including marble bathrooms and textured clay ceilings with nature motifs.

46N74O Alt. 280: Sustainable Mountain Retreat Fusing Feng Shui Principles

Spacious, minimalist living room with large windows, modern furniture, and nature-inspired decor.

In the picturesque Canadian town of La Conception, nestled amidst the stunning mountain landscape, stands a remarkable architectural masterpiece known as 46N74O Alt. 280. Designed by the renowned firm blanchette archi.design, this private residence seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings, embracing the principles of Feng Shui and sustainable design. Featuring a wood and concrete structure that mirrors the contours of the land, this biomorphic haven offers a serene and harmonious living experience, where the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces are beautifully blurred.

Résidence des Rapides: Eco-Friendly Design Meets Nordic Tradition

Spacious living room with large windows, sleek fireplace, and minimalist furniture.

Discover the stunning Résidence des Rapides, designed by Appareil Architecture in 2022, located in Mont-Tremblant, Canada. This house blends contemporary style with the cozy allure of wood, presenting breathtaking views of the Laurentians. Its design cleverly uses the natural environment to enhance both privacy and scenic encounters from every angle. The architecture not only captivates but also integrates functional elegance, making it a standout example of modern residential architecture.